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Document Cancellation Workflow Solutions

Document Cancellation allowing users to control document output

The Document Cancellation workflow allows the sender of documents to cancel them once they have been issued so they don’t reach the recipient. This workflow uses a hold function to hold documents for a defined time period, during which time the cancellation process can be utilised.

The solution offers a way to suppress documents that your system may produce and do not necessarily want to distribute or where other processes need to run prior to the document’s distribution which means you’re in full control of what is, or isn’t, sent to your trading partners.

Key features of B2BE's Document Cancellation workflow solution

Hold and cancel

When B2BE receives outbound electronic documents a hold function can be applied so the document isn’t distributed for a specified time frame. For example, 24, 48 or 72 hours.

This is used for any number of reasons, however, during the hold period the workflow allows the user to cancel a document if they no longer wish it to be sent offering checks and balances within a document management solution.

Easily suppress a document

When the document is in a hold status the workflow allows you to simply search for the document you wish to cancel via an easy to use search interface.

Once you have found the document you wish to cancel it’s simply a case of setting the status to cancelled and the document will no longer be distributed to your trading partner.

Resend and release

After cancelling a document there may have been a mistake or simply the document now needs to be sent. This isn’t a problem in this scenario as the document can easily be re-sent through the workflow after it was cancelled.

Audit and control

Any actions taken against a document to cancel the distribution process is fully audited so at any time you can see the audit trail, who took the action, the reason and when.

B2BE's Document Cancellation workflow

Document Cancellation Workflow Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Document Cancellation workflow allows you to cancel documents sent electronically in instances where they may no longer need to be sent.

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