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About us and our History

About us and our History

We Operate as an E-commerce Partner

B2BE helping your organisation deliver innovative supply chain solutions to drive efficiency, drive down costs, and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Innovative Thinking Supply Chain Partner

B2BE came into existence in 1998 in Australia, born from the idea the internet would become the platform in which business would be conducted in the coming years.

About Us | Who Are B2BE? | B2BE | Supply Chain Management Solutions

Improve Business Processes, Product Development and Augmentation

We have always looked at ways the internet can be leveraged to improve business processes and product development and augmentation, while still keeping to our principals that what we design and deliver on using the internet as the platform.

Operating Globally

We, as a business, have also looked further afield than Australia. We now operating throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and North America and delivering electronic supply chain solutions globally. The B2BE team speak over 17 languages and operate in 20+ countries and regions.

Providing Process Improvement and Cost Savings

B2BE’s solutions span several business functions targeting finance, procurement and transactional environments all providing process improvement and cost savings and tools that are all internet based.

B2BE’s Growth Trajectory Continues in Post-Pandemic Era
  • B2BE continues its market growth in Asia bolstered by its diverse product range.
  • B2BE experiences a surge in the adoption of its Sales Order Automation solution worldwide helping to fuel B2BE’s growth and cement its position as a leader in the B2B e-commerce industry.
The Pandemic Continues as does Demand
  • Supply chains are stretched, and automation sees continued demand across the globe.
  • Further document management workflow solutions are delivered to help with demand from clients with employees working from home.
Asian Market Growth and a Pandemic
  • PT B2BE Solution Indonesia, a sales entity, was established in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • B2BE’s clients look to further automate their supply chains in an unprecedented businesses situation and B2BE continues to deliver and grow.
B2BE 20 Years in Business and United States Expansion
  • B2BE celebrates 20 years in business and still growing.
  • B2BE opens an office in Texas in the United States.
B2BE Opens in Mauritius
  • B2BE GSS (Mauritius) Limited was incorporated in Port Louis Mauritius.
Further Expansion and SPFI Acquisition
  • B2BE Canada Limited, a sales entity, was incorporated in Vancouver, Canada.
  • B2BE Germany GmbH, a sales entity, was incorporated in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • B2BE Italy S.R.L, a sales entity, was incorporated in Milano, Italy.
  • B2BE Japan Ltd, a sales entity, was incorporated in Yokohama, Japan.
  • B2BE B.V acquired SPFI B.V in 1st November 2017 which marked the 2nd successful acquisition in Netherlands by B2BE after the acquisition of The ECN Group.
B2BE Opens in France
  • B2BE France SAS, a trading entity to look after the local sales, was incorporated in Paris, France.
B2BE Opens in China
  • B2BE CN Limited, a sales entity, was incorporated in Beijing, China.
B2BE Opens in the Philippines
  • B2BE.COM Philippines Incorporated, a sales entity, was incorporated in Manila, Philippines and drives growth in the region.
Growth Phase
  • B2BE continue to grow its existing markets and further augments product depth and range to better service B2BE’s client base.
ECN Acquisition
  • B2BE NZ Pty Limited had completed the acquisition of ECN Group Limited in August 2012 with an eye toward simulating business growth and diversification.
  • The ECN, acquisition also sees the ECN Manila, Philippines business being integrated into B2BE.
B2BE Expands Asian Markets
  • B2BE GSS (Vietnam) Co Ltd was incorporated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • B2BE.COM India Private Ltd, a sales entity, was incorporated in Chennai, India.
New Markets and Product Growth
  • B2BE B.V, a sales entity, was incorporated in Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands.
  • B2BE release the first Accounts Payable three-way matching application to automate client’s accounts payable environments.
B2BE, 10 Years in Business
  • B2BE celebrates 10 years in business and still growing.
B2BE Expands Oceania and Starts Servicing European Clients
  • B2BE NZ Pty Limited, a sales entity, was incorporated in Auckland, New Zealand and forms part of the business expansion in Oceania.
  • B2BE acquires clients on the European Continent in the Netherlands which starts the European expansion process.
New Markets and Product Growth
  • B2BE Asia Pty Ltd, a sales entity, was incorporated in Singapore.
  • B2BE’s first Web Portal is release enabling customised collaborative environments for clients, their supplier and customers.
B2BE Opens Asian Markets
  • B2BE Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a sales entity, was incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Formation of the Malaysian entities marked the business expansion into South East Asia.
Growth Phase
  • B2BE continues to grow it’s new markets and footprint while continuing to respond to client’s new e-commerce based  requirements.
New Product Release
  • B2BE International Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong.
  • The Document Digitization product is released to enable the digitization of supplier invoices for 100% invoice receipt.
B2BE Opens European Market
  • B2BE Sarl, a sales entity, was incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland and B2BE Limited, a sales entity, was incorporated in London, United Kingdom.
  • The formation of the 2 companies in year 2003 was a remarkable milestone of B2BE to venture and start the process to expand into the European market.
Growth Phase
  • B2BE continues to grow its Australian client base as business internet adoption moves forward.
  • e-Invoicing solutions start to gather pace and at this time invoice faxing grew.
New Product Releases
  • New document management solutions are released to enable B2BE to fax, email and print and post client documents providing one of the first full e-Invoicing suits to clients.
Electronic Trading Grows
  • B2BE Pty Ltd, a sales entity to serve the local customers, was incorporated in Melbourne, Australia
  • Clients, J. Blackwood and Sons and John Danks start transacting electronic Purchase Orders and Invoices with their suppliers.
B2BE Incorporation
  • Yulan International Pty Ltd successfully secured the domain name of B2BE and the first B2BE company, B2BE LLC, was incorporated in August 1999 in Delaware, United States.
  • Yulan International starts research & development activities into the B2BE products and services which finally became a division of the Company in 1998.  Yulan International Pty Ltd with the B2BE EDI product securing a number of early adopter Australian customers and started to grow.
  • Yulan International Pty Ltd was incorporated in September 1994 by Ch’ng, Beng Yu. The core business then was providing customers with email web development and hosting services. Of course, Yulan of course was in the early adoption stages prior to broader business uptake of the internet.
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