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Document Upload Workflow Solutions

Upload documents and data held outside your system

In an electronic world systems speak to systems with little or no human intervention. Of course there are exceptions. These may be for any number of reasons such as the system not holding or maintaining the data. It isn’t standard document or simply it is just data in any number of formats.

The Document Upload workflow is a fully configurable solution to allow you, or third parties such as suppliers, to upload documents into your Document Management environment. These documents can then either feed other workflows, update databases or commence an EDI journey in their own right. The upload is simple, where the document or data goes to thereafter is entirely based on it’s purpose.

Key features of B2BE's Document Upload workflow solution

Cloud based and easy to use

The solution is cloud based and simple to use. What you want to upload, or want third parties to upload, is easily configured so data can be captured on upload and the file simply attached.

Fully configurable

When you upload documents indexed data can be configured based on the document or data being uploaded. This is then validated as part of the upload process. Similarly the type of files you allow to be uploaded is also configurable.

Data file upload

Some data files are needed within the Document Management environment and which may not be held in an ERP. The Document Upload solution means these can be uploaded and automatically update the relevant databases in the background which provides a semi-automated approach toward managing large data set updates.

B2BE's Document Upload workflow

Document Upload Workflow Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Document Upload workflow allows you to upload data into a document management environment to be used in any number of ways when it isn’t easy to produce from your ERP or business system.

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