Fast Moving EDI with B2BE

In the fast-moving world of consumer goods, delivering goods the first time and in full is critical. Deliver this through an EDI partnership with B2BE.

Industry Overview

In today’s highly competitive FMCG environment, retailers are seeking to increase revenue and profit, whilst delivering high customer satisfaction and develop brand loyalty.

Combined with a multi-channel sales operation that supports both online and in-store sales.

The pressure on suppliers is increasing to support diverse client requirements while maintaining profitability and keeping up with the changes associated with the industry.

B2BE Products and Solutions

B2BE has a proud pedigree of supporting the FMCG industry in unlocking the savings within the procurement, supply chain management and accounts departments through our range of integrated e-commerce solutions. Whether local, national or global a business, B2BE have a solution that will support the pressures faced in this demanding industry.

Our any-to-any, always-on, e-commerce solutions reduce the complexity of trading electronically with multiple suppliers and/or customers. B2BE provides the following solutions to the FMCG industry:

  • Fully integrated EDI for customer and suppliers
  • Support purchase orders, order acknowledgments, ASN’s, invoices, etc
  • Supplier Web Portals
  • Web EDI for non-EDI capable suppliers
  • Realtime dashboards and management information
  • Supplier EDI onboarding programmes
  • Integration with third-party logistics providers
  • Synchronised parts and pricing data exchange
  • Three-way matching invoice management

Achieve with B2BE

Contact B2BE to discover how our FMCG solutions achieve:

  • 100% electronic supply chain for Order, ASN and Invoice processes
  • Multichannel sales support through traditional in-store and online orders platforms
  • Automation of manual processes to remove costs and errors
  • Unified supply chain engagement that supports multi-channel communication methods.

Companies B2BE Connects to

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