Your Logistics are in Safe Hands with EDI from B2BE

Use EDI from B2BE to ensure fast and reliable delivery services that your business can depend on, always on time and accurate.

Industry Overview

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are dedicated to delivering the right products, to the right place, at the right time from the production line to distribution centres and onwards to the store shelf for consumers to purchase.

In a competitive marketplace, speed of delivery is an important factor and when products are perishable food items, it is paramount.

Complex customer requirements in a fast-moving supply chain require specialist knowledge and expert systems across a variety of functions, including the all-important electronic messaging capability.

B2BE Products and Solutions

EDI from B2BE supports purchase orders, invoices, ASN’s and other critical business documents electronically, reducing manual entry, and its associated errors, throughout the supply chain.
Storing product, pricing, stock level, and order history data, our platform not only enables the purchase-to-pay cycle to be managed in the cloud but also provides business intelligence with which to make better-informed management decisions.

B2BE currently provides the following solutions to the logistics industry:

  • Fully integrated EDI for customers and suppliers
  • Support purchase order, ASN, and Invoices via EDI
  • Supplier Web Portals
  • Web EDI for non-EDI capable suppliers
  • Realtime dashboards and management information
  • Consignment stock management
  • Supplier EDI onboarding programmes
  • Integration with clients, warehouses, and manufacturers

Achieve with B2BE

Contact B2BE to discover how logistics solutions are achieved:

  • 100% electronic supply chain for a purchase order, ASN and invoice processes
  • EDI integrated directly to core systems to allow for smooth business processes
  • Automation of manual processes to remove costs and errors
  • Receive purchase orders at the same time as your client to allow for efficient planning and delivery

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