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Logistics Supply
Chain Management

Simplifying complexities in the supply chain

Logistics in itself as part of the supply chain has become a complex component with many logistics providers becoming highly integrated with their customers. Many more organisations are using 3PL’s to manage their stock, it’s distribution and in some cases engagement with their own customers. Therefore, seamless automation in an industry that requires vast quantities of paper is a key driver.

Document volumes

Within the logistics industry there isn't a shortage of documents, with some documents being very specific to the logistics industry such as consignment notes and customs declarations. The sheer volume of documents that need to be passed between customers, logistics partners and buyers makes for large document volumes, perhaps larger than other industries.

Integrated logistics

Logistics providers themselves are integrated with other logistics partners, whether it's a different form of logistics, airfreight, for example, or with last mile logistic carriers who deliver into specific regions which larger carriers use. Similarly, integrated logistics has also seen further integration with customer's ERP or business systems and this integration takes effort.

3PL's document management

Logistics has become broader as many logistics organisations warehouse, distribute and even manage customer services on behalf of customers. This means there are more documents, electronic or otherwise, that need to passed between a 3PL and their customers.

Cross boarder logistics

When goods are hauled across global boarders this also necessitates another set of legal requirements to ensure the regulations of the market are being met and the goods can be moved. This means more paperwork and in instances where it's not correct or missing this will delay the movement of goods and potentially derail supply chains.

Solutions for the logistics industry


B2BE’s EDI solution is a fully integrated solution, meaning logistics organisations can speak to their customers electronically and manage documents between all parties to reduce the physical levels of paper.

The B2BE EDI network also support,s and can facilitate, the duel streaming of documents where a customer of the logistics organisation needs a sales order, for example as does the logistics provider to facilitate picking, packing and shipping. Any document in the supply chain can be managed this way so logistics and 3PL’s can seamless integrate with their customers and their customers can manage their systems.

Web Portal

The Web Portal solution gives logistics customers instant access to all their document’s that have been transmitted via the B2BE Document Management solutions.

No matter the end-point of a document or where a document was sent from the Web Portal instantly provides your business users access and visibility to these to help share and disseminate information better. Using a Document Management solution also means you can incorporate a number of workflows to ensure what you, your logistics or 3PL provider receive is valid and how you send documents can be managed easily.

Document Management

B2BE offers an intelligent document management solution that allows logistics organisations and their customers to route and sends all business documents electronically.

B2BE’s Document Management solutions mean your organisation can send documents electronically to B2BE who then manage the on-forwarding or receipt processes based on the customer or your customer’s requirements. Manage and send POD’s for example and B2BE will handle their distribution via; EDI and email or via the print management solution.

Helping your logistics supply chain thrive


Integrated 3PL solutions

While a customer needs to trade electronically with their customers they may also need to be able to trade electronically with their 3PL. Sales orders need to manage inventory and stock levels in two systems and create ASN's and ultimately invoices. B2BE's EDI environment means documents can be sent to two, or more environments simultaneously and other documents can similarly be integrated between all parties to ensure systems are automated and updated automatically.



As a logistics provider you want to ensure that all your electronic documents are visible and visible to the right people. Whether it's internal staff or to your customers. B2BE's visibility tools helps with all this so you can offer self service support which in turn reduces time and effort for staff to manage.



In simple terms B2BE's solutions are all designed to help automate the logistical supply chain. Offering solutions that means logistics companies can deal with their customers easily and electronically, other freight forwarders, 3PL's and customs clearance.


Managed on-boarding

B2BE's EDI and Document Management solutions can also be provided with on-boarding solutions. If you want to concentrate on logistics B2BE can manage the integration between your organisation and your customer's systems and the myriad of systems they use.

Logistic supply chain connections

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