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Archiving Solutions

Archiving to enhance your document management solutions

Being able to access documents you send or receive, no matter in which way, easily, quickly and efficiently is important to ensure queries or disputes can be resolved quickly. B2BE’s Archiving solution means historical data and documents remain intact and available for the time period our customers want.

Where a document forms part of a transaction it can be linked together with its corresponding documents to ensure the full transaction history is available in an instant. Great for cross-functional documents where different departments may need to access the documents and transaction.

Archiving also ensures business rule validation can be applied based on preceding documents and is imperative for tax reporting purposes where invoices are involved.

Key features of B2BE's Archiving solution

Online access

All archived documents can be accessed via the B2BE Customer Centre or via the Web Portal solution. The Web Portal giving even greater levels of flexibility to the owner and their trading partners who may have access.

Linked documents

All documents sent through any of the B2BE Document Management solutions can be archived based on your organisations requirements. Further, if the document makes-up a transaction they can be linked together. Search for a purchase order and also access the associated POA, POC, ASN and invoice, for example.

Trading partner access

While giving your organisation access to documents over an extended time frame using the Web Portal your organisation could also give access to trading partners to see their own documents to help with self-fulfillment requirements.

Audit and control

All documents have audit trails and these are also easily accessed for archived documents. You can see the document history, actions and who’s looked at it throughout the archive period.

Document archiving flexibility

While all documents may be stored for a defined period some documents, or even transactions for some customers or suppliers, can have different archiving rules. Do you need to store documents for business purposes for 3 years, for example and to comply with tax regulations you need invoices for 10 years then this can be configured.

Document export

Documents can be exported from the archiving environment with all their linked documents with an easy to use index. If you ultimately want to keep copies locally or simply want to keep documents after the archive time frame this is easy to manage.

B2BE Archiving workflow

B2BE’s Archiving solution means historical data and documents remain intact and available for the time period our customers want.

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