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Web EDI Solutions

Web Trader, online browser based EDI solutions for your suppliers or customers

Whether you’re looking for a solution to trade with your suppliers or as a supplier who needs to trade with multiple customers the B2BE Web EDI, Web Trader solution, allows buyers and suppliers easily trade electronically with one another simply and quickly. 

Whether you need to support a complicated document set or a more straight forward solution the Web Trader solution is easy to use, accessible anywhere and means less manual documents and less errors.

Web EDI helping to solve


Trading with suppliers or customers using paper based document management solutions is slow and cumbersome and in some instances, such as ASN’s not possible to support making it more difficult to trade.

Error prone

Like any manual process the chance of errors are higher. This increases risk, documents may be distributed to the wrong supplier or customer and the chances of deliveries being impeded are greater.

No visibility

Documents distributed manually also create more challenges to make them visible to all parties associated with the transaction. There are more chances of documents going missing which means they need to re-sent which can also add time to the processing of goods and services and availability of stock.

Non compliance

Many buyers, particularly within the FMCG market now will only trade with suppliers electronically. This approach is spreading more rapidly as solutions are in place to make this easier to do. Suppliers who do not run sophisticated ERP or business systems or can’t warrant the investment in a fully integrated EDI solution need alternatives.

B2BE’s Web EDI workflow

Web EDI Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Web EDI, Web Trader solution means you don’t need to invest in fully integrated EDI solutions as a supplier to trade with your customers or as a buyer you can provide alternative electronic trading means to your suppliers.

Key features of B2BE's Web EDI solution

Browser based

Web Trader is browser based, via the Customer Centre to trade with multiple buyers or Web Portal for buyers to trade with multiple suppliers, which means access, documents and interfaces are intuitive to use and follow processed based on the buyer’s requirements so as a supplier it’s easy to comply with electronic trading or as a buyer you can set the rules and how the system should function.

Multi Document Creation

Each trading partner has a different set of documents that may make up a transaction. An FMCG buyer may have PO’s, POA’s, POC’s, ASN’s and Invoices whereas another buyer may simply have PO’s and Invoices. This is easily configured based on each buyer’s requirements for electronic trading.

Rules Based

B2BE’s Web Trader is fully configurable and rules based. Each document within a transaction set can be defined and the bahaviour configured to ensure only valid variables can be entered or used to ensure accuracy when documents are created.

Complex transaction support

The Web Trader solution supports any transaction set, it can also support complex document requirements. Multiple POA’s, POC’s ASN’s and Invoices, for example. This can be configured based on the buyer’s business processes which reflects how a buyer buys and and expects goods to be shipped.

Alerts and Notifications

No one wants to watch an application all day. B2BE’s Web Trader has the ability to notify you as and when transactions are available so they can be managed in a timely manner and you can spend your time focusing on other priorities.

Why Web EDI?

Web EDI means as a buyer you have the means to trade 100% electronically with suppliers and as a seller you can support buyer’s needs.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Web EDI solution


Easy to use

The system being browser based means it’s easy to use, intuitive and based on the buyer’s rules means documents and response documents are easy to create with no ambiguity which means the supply of goods is more efficient and faster.

Easy on-boarding of suppliers

If you’re a buyer the Web Trader solution enables you to offer an alternative way to trade with your supplier’s for suppliers who aren’t capable of full EDI trading or trade with you in a limited way, the long tail. On-boarding new suppliers is fast and simple and getting a new supplier up and running is a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

Easy on-boarding of customers

If you’re a supplier and you need to trade with your customers to either be compliant or to streamline some of your trading arrangements then Web Trader is similarly easy to add new customers to the environment so you can trade with them faster.


Full audit trail

Web Trader is fully auditable and maintains all the documents within the system so historical documents are available and if they form a part of a transaction set they’re linked so you can see documents you received and sent so the solution is fully auditable and easy to track and trace historic documents.


Access anywhere

As the Web Trader solution is browser based this means you can access the system anywhere. Customer Service personnel can manage orders from the office and warehouse staff can manage elements of the transaction set from a warehouse.


Web EDI and EDI combined

Some sellers can handle some documents within their ERP or business system so this can be a fully integrated EDI solution. Whereas, they may not be able to produce other documents easily or a third party shipper, for example handles certain aspects. As a supplier you need to still create these documents. The B2BE Web Trader and EDI solutions can work together so some elements are integrated whereas others are Web EDI based.

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