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Customer Web Portal Solutions

Visibly collaborate with all your customers

To better service, manage and interact with your customers B2BE’s customer based Web Portal Portal solution provide a range of tools not only to help your organisation to manage this but also give your organisation a way to engage with customers that has more meaning.

The customer Web Portal has a range of tools and solutions to better manage customer processes and ways to interact with customer’s more readily. Customer invoices, for example are not only available online for payment but where issues arise queries can be raised by customers and dealt with much faster to ensure the customer is serviced and better rates interactions with your organisation.

The Web Portal is a great way to manage processes, improve and increase visibility internally to ensure any back-office functions operate more smoothly so customer touch points are seamless, and if not, they can be managed quickly.

Customer Web Portal helping to solve

Limited process involvement

Many processes associated with customers gives them little involvement. While customers do not own the process persay the more they’re engaged the more successful it will become. When an issue occurs with a sales order and invoice they will then have to flag the issues manually with your customer services or credit teams and only then the machinery of the organisation move into action well after the fact.

Limited self service opportunities

Customer and their suppliers quite often have limited ways they can self service their business with an organisation. Limited self service means that the seller is needing to spend more time responding to queries or issues, should they occur, which could, in many cases, be self served.

Lost and missing documents

Most organisations suffer to some degree with customers losing their documents, or claiming they were never received in the case of invoices. Without a way of managing this sometimes weeks can pass before an issue is identified meaning valuable time is lost and it is then reliant on people to remember, which is not always infallible.

Poor levels of responsiveness

The sales process with clients has any number of fail points which will ultimately effect profitability as goods may be delivered late, to the wrong address or not at all. A streamlined Order to Cash (O2C) process means just that, streamlined with the idea issues are removed or can be dealt with easily and in a timely manner.

B2BE’s Customer Web Portal workflow

Customer Web Portal Solutions | Visibility | B2BE

Our Customer Web Portal has a range of tools and solutions to better manage customer processes and ways to interact with customer’s more readily.

Key features of B2BE's Customer Web Portal solutions

Customer on-boarding

Of course having the customer Web Portal is one thing but you want to get customers on-board. B2BE can help you with this process or provide tools to facilitate this so you can maximise the Web Portal’s use, internally to your organisation or externally with your customer base.

Access and data restrictions

Within your organisation you may have a branch network or retail stores, distribution centres and of course a head office. Similarly a customer may buy across multiple branches and deal with a head office for credit issues, for example. This means there are many touch points and each one of these needs to be managed so sensitive data is not shared, or made available where it’s not relevant to some parties in the process. Data restrictions means data and users are easily restricted to see what is relevant to them.

Document Management access

All the document you receive and sent to your customers are available within the Web Portal. If the document forms part of a transaction all documents are also linked so it means your business can see sales orders, delivery dockets (and POD’s) and invoices. Similarly, your customers can also see these so there is never a lost document.

Customer solutions and workflows

Many of the solutions available through the customer Web Portal are designed to give you improved ways to distribute documents, manage queries in the credit department or how you distribute your documents to customers or allow customers to pay your invoices. All online and in easy to use interfaces to keep the process electronic.

Cloud but not SaaS

As the Web Portal is cloud based and single tenanted, your organisation’s environment is not sharing applications, databases or data with other B2BE customers. This means you can customise the look and feel of the Web Portal and how the solutions are configured and work. This means you get a solution specifically designed for your organisation’s situation and your customers with greater levels of security.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Customer Web Portal solutions


Access to B2BE's Order to Cash solutions

The customer Web Portal provides the window into many of B2BE’s O2C processes and workflow solutions.
These are specifically designed for the owner of the Web Portal, however many more are designed to allow engagement with customers, provide visibility and collaboration to reduce errors, waste and drive efficiencies.


Customer management workflows

Many of the workflows associated with the customer solutions means customers can engage in these processes if you wish. If you want customers to be able to query invoices and manage payments then this is easy to configure and give access to.


Customer engagement

Engaging with your customers proactively giving your organisation, potentially, an edge over other suppliers. A supplier who goes the extra mile and who makes themselves easy to deal with is more likely to grow their business with their customers more and have a better long term relationship. While saving you energy and time and streamlining your O2C  processes.


Document Management visibility

The B2BE Document Management solution means all documents associated with your customers are available to your organisation and your customers. Data restrictions mean a customer will only see their documents and can view these historically based on the archiving rules which you have set.


Easy to setup customer access

The Web Portal, based on it’s security approach, means customers can also add other people from their teams. A customer’s accounts payable team may want multiple accounts payable people to have access to your organisation’s invoices.

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