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No touch solutions, allowing 100% automation of your supply chain documents

B2BE’s Document Management solutions create a no touch, automated document management environment to automate all your business documents, no matter which way they need to be sent or received. No matter how your trading partners, suppliers or customers, need to trade with your organisation, through B2BE’s solutions, they can be fully automated, 100% electronically.

Take the stress out of managing multiple different document receipt and distributions methods to create a single channel in and out of your organisation and ERP system. Regardless of which document you need to send or receive. Whether you want to distribute documents via EDI, Web EDI, Email or Print and Post, or receive documents via EDI, Web EDI, Document Digitisation or OCR. In any event, B2BE can create the solution that handles all your document management needs. Combine one or more distribution or receipt methods to cover all your document management bases.

B2BE’s Document Management solutions are also designed to work seamlessly with B2BE’s Procure to Pay or Order to Cash solutions to better automate your back office functionality.

Document Management solutions

Document Digitisation

Many organisations have a very long tail in their supply chain or supply base who aren't EDI capable. B2BE's Document Digitization solution means all your supplier's hard copy invoices can be received electronically, 100%.
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B2BE's cloud based EDI solution means there's no software requirements and allows your organisation to connect once and connect to many. Once you're connected to B2BE you can connect easily to anyone who's EDI capable.
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Email Gateway

While many of your trading partners are EDI capable, there are many who are not, or the documents don't lend themselves easily to integration. B2BE's email solution means the documents are electronic for you and are emailed to the recipient.
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Field to Invoice

For those in the oil field services using FieldFX the Field to Invoice solution means your invoices and supporting tickets can be sent from the field in real-time. No wasted time or waiting for resources to return to the office before invoices can be issued.
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If you're looking to leverage from the PEPPOL network B2BE is an accredited PEPPOL end-point. B2BE can get you up and going quickly when you're trading partners have aligned themselves with PEPPOL.
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Print Management

While EDI and email will ensure you're mainly electronic some customers still need and want to receive documents via the post. B2BE's print management solution allows you to remain 100% electronic while you leverage B2BE's cost reducing print management services.
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Do you have suppliers that aren't EDI capable and still want to be able to trade any document type electronically?
Or are you a seller that needs to trade with many customer's electronically? B2BE's Web Trader solution is a fully hosted cloud based EDI solution to help you do just that. Trade electronically.
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At B2BE we understand that document management is not always plain sailing, and sometimes documents and data cause issues or still require manual intervention. B2BE has a range of document management workflows to help you move forward easily.
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Challenges of using traditional Document Management solutions

Complex requirements

Trading partners, suppliers and customers alike have a range of capabilities when trading business documents with one another. Some are more sophisticated, whereas others less so. Creating an environment to manage all aspects of your trading relationships is not easy to manage and also means more resources are needed to manage them based on their complexity and multi-channel requirements.

Evolving standards

When you are trading electronically, you may trade in many industries and with many different trading partners, all which support different standards and have different electronic trading requirements, validation rules and accreditation. All adding layers of complexity to manage and support.

Trading partner e-readiness

Some industries, such as FMCG mandate electronic trading whereas others, due to the nature of the way they buy and sell, are less e-capable. To be e-capable also means a certain amount of investment which in usual terms is offset by lower costs. However, this is not always the case due to an industries complexity or simply that the volumes do not outweigh the return on investment.

Business visibility

One of the key factors associated with automation and streamlining is being able to take the business on the journey. To do this, they need to have visibility and information at their fingertips to feel part of the journey. They need buy-in!

Time and effort

Of course, managing the manual and disparate distribution of business documents between your suppliers and customers adds to the physical time it takes. The more manual, the more time is wasted on document distribution, and resources aren't being utilised effectively or efficiently in areas that add value.

Key features of B2BE's Document Management solutions

Enrichment and validation

One of the keys to ensure integration and the transmission or receipt of documents accurately is to ensure the correct data is sent and received. B2BE is able to enrich and validate data on the fly as it’s sent or received to ensure your organisation or your trading partners get the right information, even if you’re not able to send it in the files you send to B2BE.

Many and any format

Whether you want to trade a single document such as invoices or many types of documents B2BE’s Document Management solution enables the transmission of any format while maintaining one format in and out of your own environment. B2BE can manage EDI files so they’re sent and received in your or your trading partner’s required format or if you need to send documents via email or via B2BE’s print management solution they can be sent so they match your own physical documents.

Document processing tools

B2BE has a range of cloud based tools to help with the management of your documents. Whether you want to validate documents prior to their integration into your ERP system or you wish to give suppliers other ways to receive and send documents. B2BE offers a range of tools to help with your document management processes in which you can own the process.

Online visibility

All documents sent using one of B2BE’s Document Management solution means the documents are available on-line and easily viewable by users in your organisation or shared with trading partners. All documents in a transaction set, no matter how they were sent or received, can be linked so it’s easy for users to understand the history of the transaction.


Some purchase and or sales processes may occur over a long period of time, capital expenditure, for example may have longer cycles. Similarly invoices have restrictions around how long they need to be maintained for tax reporting purposes. All documents sent or received in any of the B2BE Document Management solutions can be held for any period of time for historical and reporting purposes to ensure they’re easy to find and at the user’s fingertips.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Document Management solutions



Having the capability to send and receive any document based on what your trading partners can support means that it’s easier to trade with your trading partners using any approach which can be changed in a matter of seconds easily and simply without necessarily much technical skill to do so. The easier it is to trade electronically the faster the uptake and the more your organisation is on the road to streamlining and cutting costs.


No touch automation

Once setup the Document Management solution means the files you send or receive between B2BE and your organisation are automated and touch free. Similarly, you no longer need to touch documents that are sent or received between your suppliers or customers. The end-to-end process is fully automated, even if you need to re-send documents.

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Any document any distribution method

Document Management solutions can be delivered to best meet your organisation and trading partner’s needs while focusing on removing the manual processes. Combining a number of approaches also allows your organisation to move document distribution from more inefficient and expensive modes to more efficient and cost effective approaches. B2BE’s solutions can easily be mixed and matched.


Collaboration tools

All documents you send or receive are available online via the B2BE Customer Centre or for a more tailored solution that you can share with suppliers and customers via the B2BE Web Portal. It means your business and trading partners have full visibility of all the documents they trade with your organisation and in cases where the document forms part of a greater transaction set they can be linked for ease of traceability.

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Managed solutions

To help you on your document management journey you can be master of your own destiny or B2BE can help you and provide your organisation with a managed services. This means for document management solutions such as EDI B2BE can help with on-boarding your customers or suppliers and manage the technical aspects of the journey leaving your organisation and teams to focus on the key business relationships around managing your trading partners.

Document Management success stories

BG Electrical | Document Management | Supply Chain Automation | B2BE
BG Electrical used B2BE’s Document Management solution globally to easily manage how they trade with their customers.

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