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Document Query Workflow Solutions

Collaboratively manage document queries internally and with your trading partners

Document management solutions and systems mean there’s a great deal of movement around systems as goods and services are bought and sold. However, no matter how many processes are in place to ensure accuracy of data and automation of documents queries arise.

B2BE’s Document Query workflow means when the queries arise the system can manage the interaction with your trading partner or internal business users. All interactions are tracked, notifications managed and history maintained in the event a query triggers an action it can always be relied upon to keep the history and discussion.

Key features of B2BE's Document Query workflow solution

Cloud based and easy to use

The Document Query solution is a simple to use cloud based tool available within the Web Portal and can be utilised across all the B2BE Document Management solutions.

It is easy to find the document that you want to trigger the query for, or for that matter where a supplier or customer wishes to trigger a query, and initiate a conversation with the relevant parties. As it’s cloud based it means queries can be managed on the run with alerts being triggered when a user needs to respond or take action.

Fully query history

As documents pass through the query environment and queries are resolved and relevant actions taken each query retains the full history. If you need to refer back to the query, the actions and agreed resolution it is all retained against the document that triggered the query to ensure you have an audit history.

Quick issue resolution

When an automated electronic process works it is of course seamless. However, if an event triggers an issue this can absorb resources time, perhaps unnecessarily.

The Document Query workflow means these issues can be quickly identified, questions and responses, and supporting documentation, if need be, can be handled immediately and issues resolved quickly online.

Collaborative document management

Any number of reasons may trigger the requirement to query a document. Simply to clarify goods receipt, invoice details and so on. Being able to collaborate between resources within your organisation, suppliers and or customers means the trigger for the query can be collaboratively worked through with visibility to all. Of course some parts of a conversation in a query can be hidden from third parties if need be.

Plug and play

If you use one of B2BE’s Purchase to Pay or Cash to Collection solutions the Document Query workflow solution can also be used in these environments. For example, if a supplier invoice needs to be queried to a store or between the receiving store and the accounts payable department. Similarly, you want a way for customers to be able to query their invoices where there may be an issue so they can be resolved quickly.

B2BE's Document Query workflow

Document Query Workflow Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Document Query solutions means issues and queries can be resolved quickly with the conversation’s history maintained for future reference if required.

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