Industry overview

The electrical Industry is currently experiencing a technology revolution as its wholesalers, component manufacturers, suppliers and clients look to utilise more e-commerce solutions to increase efficiencies and margin. The challenge for many is how to support multiple clients, suppliers, warehouses and sales channels whilst adopting new technologies.

B2BE products and solutions

B2BE have supported the electrical Industry for over 20 years, during this time it has set the global standard for e-trading between wholesalers, component manufacturers and their clients and suppliers.

B2BE currently provides the following solutions to the Electrical industry:

  • Fully integrated EDI for customer and suppliers
  • Supplier web portals
  • Realtime dashboards and management information
  • Supplier EDI onboarding programmes
  • Synchronised parts and pricing data exchange
  • E-catalogue solutions, including punch out capability
  • Mobile apps for client ordering and sales
  • Accounts payable solutions

In addition to the above B2BE can provide access to an unrivalled global network of wholesalers and component manufacturers.

Achieve with B2BE

Contact B2BE to join the revolution sweeping the electrical industry and achieve:

  • 100% electronic supply chain for purchase orders, ASN and invoice processes
  • Automated supplier accounts payable processes with over 95% first time match rates
  • Multichannel sales support through traditional in store and online orders platforms
  • Automation of manual processes to remove costs and errors
  • Unified supply chain engagement that support multi-channel communication methods

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