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All your documents online and in one place, no more paper! Store all your organisations electronic and hard copy documents (scanned) online, available through a secure online portal. Who needs paper anymore?

Automated Orders

Do you want to automate all your client’s sales orders, even if they’re received via facsimile and email? B2BE’s automated orders solution allows just that, you can automate sales orders, identify issues and be more responsive to your clients.


Still receiving paper documents from your suppliers such as invoices? Why not get them digitized so you no longer need to process, manage and handle paper, everything in an electronic format and online?


Does your organisation need a solution that allows you to sell through new channels to improve your sales efforts or to simply reach new markets or territories? Do you need to provide catalogue content to clients through punch-out?


Do you need to respond to customer’s EDI requirement to trade electronically? Do you want to embark on an electronic EDI based on-boarding solution to trade with your suppliers? B2BE has all your bases covered with B2BE’s EDI product.


B2BE’s email gateway allows your organisation to send automated data to B2BE for formatting and on-sending via email. Your organisation can be fully automated so all business documents are emailed. Combine email with other B2BE products for a more powerful document management solution.


B2BE’s fax gateway allows your organisation to send automated data to B2BE for formatting and on-sending via fax. Your organisation can be fully automated so all business documents are faxed. Combine faxing with other B2BE products for a more powerful document management solution.

Print Management

B2BE’s print management product allows your organisation to send data to B2BE for automated formatting, collation, printing and transmission via post. Combine B2BE’s print management product with other B2BE products such as EDI and email and B2BE has given you the means to move printed documents to electronic documents, improving processes, efficiencies and reducing costs.


The B2BE web EDI product (Web Trader) is an online product designed to enable electronic trading of business documents from a buyers’ perspective while providing a simple approach to suppliers who can’t support full back-end to back-end EDI integration.

Web Portal

The B2BE web portal is an online hosted environment that provides access to a range of B2BE’s supply chain applications, modules, documents and data which is highly customisable and configurable to enable you to collaboratively interact with your trading partners, on either the buy or sell sides of your organisation in one place!


B2BE’s procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable and document management solutions have several dedicated plug and play workflow solutions all designed to manage the input, throughput and output of business documents and data online between you, your trading partners and the B2BE solutions.

Why us?

Great Products

Great range of interoperable e-based products to help your organisation remove manual processes.

Integrated Solutions

Configurable plug and play solutions to automate you’re supply chain and business processes.


A great team with a broad range of industry based experience your organisation can leverage from.


Passion is crucial in our people. They believe in our company and what we offer to our clients.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing so your organisation can achieve lower costs and better return on investment.

Great Support

B2BE pride ourselves for our support levels during implementation, delivery and for your on-going needs.


Accounts Payable

How much does your organisation want to automate and streamline your accounts payable environment? B2BE’s solutions can automate in part or in total your accounts payable functions to improve throughput and accuracy.

Document Distribution

B2BE’s document distribution solution allows intelligent routing of documents so they’re sent from your organisation electronically and B2BE handles the distribution methodology based on the defined approach set by your organisation or your organisation’s clients.


Automate and streamline your organisations e-invoicing environments to improve processes, increase throughput and allow accounts payable and accounts receivable environments to focus on adding value.


B2BE’s procurement solutions facilitate many areas within the procurement process to provide a sophisticated, yet straight forward, procurement environment..


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