White Papers at B2BE

White Papers

At sea with an overflow of information? B2BE’s white papers help you navigate a clearer path for your project.

Accounts Payable

Automation and streamlining for your accounts payable environment

Automated Orders

How your order to cash strategy can impact your customers' experience


Improving our supply chains to meet the climate target


Learn more about the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Dynamic Discounting for Buyers

Improving capital management and strengthening supplier relationships

Dynamic Discounting for Suppliers

Streamlined and efficient cash flow management


For those moving the first time into EDI and those wanting to migrate away from a legacy or on premise EDI solution

Electrical Wholesalers

Driving sustainable growth in a post lock-down world

Outsourcing Supply Chain Integration

Overcoming the challenges of managing supply chains and the benefit of integration outsourcing as a service


The nuances of adopting PEPPOL via accreditation vs or connecting via an accredited partner

Supplier Collaboration

Supplier collaboration technologies - operational foundations

Transforming your Order Management

Revolutionise your order management processes, boosting efficiency, reducing errors, and elevating customer satisfaction
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