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Email Gateway Solutions

Helping to create a fully electronic Document Management suite for your outbound documents

The B2BE Email Gateway solution is a fully independent solution to send your business documents to customers or suppliers via email. The solution can also be incorporated into a broader Document Management solution to help ensure 100% of your organisations outbound documents are electronic.

If you want to send Invoices to customer’s or purchase orders to suppliers, for example you can combine email with EDI and print management (for customer invoices) to ensure you can deliver the documents in the most efficient and cost effective way and ensuring you have flexibility, particularly with customers, to send based on how they wish or want to receive documents.

B2BE's Email Gateway helping to solve

Email Maintenance

One of the problems with email document distribution is ensuring the email address is accurate and remains so. What is entered in your system is maintained and any bounce-backs go to the right place, if indeed the recipient mail server sends bounce-backs. Email address maintenance becomes key in ensuring the documents get to the right person or department.


With all document management solutions there are always reasons documents need to be resent, the customer has lost an invoice, a purchase order has been updates. Being able to resend documents via email and to manage this, particularly with client invoices where it needs to be identified as a copy isn’t always easy and if it became manual it is prone to human error.

No Automated

Without automation, emailing documents consistently and at the right time to the right place isn’t practicable.
Ideally emailed documents are automated with bounce back capabilities and email consistency and validation to ensure accurate receipt and better streamlining of document processes.


Many organisations, particularly small SME’s or ‘Mum and Dad’ businesses will not be able to adopt EDI. This means your organisation needs to potentially post documents to these types of supplier’s or customers which means manual handling and mail costs making each transaction more expensive.


In some instances recipients wish a document to be Cc’d or Bcc’d to multiple locations based on their internal business processes which needs to be handled within your system and email processes which is not always easy or possible to do.


Recipients do not always want documents simply in a PDF format, they may want documents in other formats for any number of reasons. Some who want emailed XML or .csv files, for example and actually integrate these automatically or manually so client demand may drive the need to be flexible with what format you send.

B2BE’s Email Gateway workflow

Email Gateway Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Email Gateway solution allows you to send documents electronically where the recipient cannot support an EDI solution, giving you greater document management capabilities.

Key features of B2BE's Email Gateway solution

Auto Document Formatting

All documents can be formatted to represent your hard copy format. The invoice B2BE sends to your client via email will copy your invoice format, for example. Similarly, if you need to send documents in a specific file format such as .csv/Excel or similar this is also supported.

Email Validation

B2BE’s rule based validation can automatically notify you when an email address of the recipient isn’t structured correctly so it can be rectified so any further documents are sent to the right recipient.

Document Routing

B2BE can either use the email address you send in the file to distribute the document to the recipient or you can utilise the Document Routing workflow. Setup recipients, document formats and much more which can be easily managed by the business.

Document Resend

The B2BE Email Gateway also supports the re-transmission of documents via email. Whether they want via email initially or not. It’s simple to select the document and resend it to a recipient with a single click.

Alerts and Notifications

B2BE’s Email Gateway has the ability to notify you as and when transactions fail validation so they can be managed in a timely manner and you can spend your time focusing on other priorities and let automation do its work.

Audit and Visibility

The Email Gateway also gives great visibility of the documents sent via email, who they were sent to, when and an audit trail to ensure there is full visibility and control.

Why Email?

A fully automated Document Management solution, which includes email, can reduce your document management costs by 80% or more.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Email Gateway solution


Any format any receiver

Managing receivers and formats, even within the context of email documents is not always straight forward. Some customers or suppliers may need different formats and in fact need documents sent to different receivers. Or via email and EDI in some cases. B2BE’s solution means ease of use and can handle anything you wish to send or a receiver wants to receive.


Automated and easy

All B2BE’s Document Management solutions automate and enable ease of document management. If you already send or receive documents via EDI including an email solution for the document is straight forward, B2BE can use the same file structure and format for emailing.

Business visibility

When documents are sent via email it also means they’re made available online and can be accessed by both sender and receiver if there’s a value to do so. Similarly, visibility also means they aren’t reliant on addressing issues with IT for internal support and document tracing.


The B2BE Email Gateway is highly scalable. Increases in volumes can easily be absorbed within the B2BE infrastructure ensuring no backlog of documents and immediate receipt by the recipient.

Document handling cost reductions

Email, while not automating both parties in the transaction, like EDI, still provides greater cost savings and flexibility over hard copy documents. Manual labour is removed, audit and control is added and overall emailing documents means automation to the sender.

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