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Document Digitization Solutions

Digitising the manual to become the electronic

While Document Management solutions typically will be able to automate the bulk of your in-bound documents there remains a number of documents that you may receive in paper, or PDF format, that still require manual processing. Supplier invoices are typically an area where your organisation may still receive a lot in paper form.

The document digitization process enables the receipt of these documents which are then digitised to be able to follow the standard process an electronic document does. The solution is a great way to remove all manual supplier invoices so you receive 100% electronically helping to build a highly flexible approach within your Document Management suite.

Document Digitization helping to solve

Receipt and processing

When dealing with manual documents, particularly supplier invoices, received in paper means they need to be received, sorted, managed and processed and then stored. All time consuming and very manual.

Poor audit and control

As with most manual processes there is always room for mistakes. Receiving hard copies and the respective processing that needs to occur means there's no guaranteed way to ensure all the documents have been received and processed correctly and there's limited audit.

Resource use

Manual, particularly document receipt, means heavy utilisation of resources to manage. Mail rooms, sorting, preparation, scanning and processing all consume resources.

Keying errors

Of course one of the greatest issues with manual documents, such as supplier invoices, is keying errors. If the document needs to be processed manually it means tedious keying and mistakes can easily be made which will effect the following stages when processing the document, for example accounts payable invoice matching.

Processing time

Manual processes are also time consuming. Where there is manual receipting, preparation and processing this adds time which means cost and potentially loss of settlement discounts. For example, for supplier invoices.

B2BE’s Digitization workflow

Document Digitization Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Document Digitization solution means all your manual documents, such as supplier invoices, can be digitised removing the need to deal with paper documents giving you a 100% electronic document receipt solution.

Key features of B2BE's Document Digitization solution

Header and line capture

The B2BE Document Digitization solution can capture both line and header values based on the capture requirements. This means the data can be processed fully. For example, accounts payable three way matching has the line values if the header doesn’t match the goods receipt and purchase order value to ensure issues can be identified at line level.

Email document receipt

Many documents are now received as PDF’s (or other image files) via email. These can easily be handled by B2BE as part of pre-processing. Documents are removed from emails, audits kept and email content linked the PDF or image. Documents are then automatically sent into the digitisation solution.

Data enrichment

B2BE understands, like with an EDI solution, hard copy documents may not include the information a receiver may need and may need different data to integrate the documents so enrichment of files can occur on the fly to ensure lower errors rates.

Data digitisation quality

The data is processed twice within B2BE’s Document Digitization solution and compared and validated to remove errors. Similarly data within the document can be validated to ensure the sender’s data will not simply create errors and more effort to rectify in the recipients ERP system.

Auto reject functionality

A range of business rules can also be setup within the Document Digitization solution to reject documents to the sender if the document cannot be digitised. For example when the content is incorrect or the quality is poor. Likewise, documents that have been sent and are purported to be a certain document type, for example, an invoice, can also be rejected or simply archived and not processed so you don’t have to deal with erroneous documents.

Why Document Digitization?

Manual data keying of invoices is estimated to create over 20% error rates in an organisation’s accounts payable environment.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Document Digitization solution


100% e-Invoice receipt

If you combine a B2BE Document Digitization solution for supplier invoices, for example with EDI and Web Trader you will be able to receive 100% of your supplier invoices electronically. This of course applies to other document types that are logical to digitise.


99% Data capture accuracy

The B2BE Document Digitization solutions ensures 99% data capture accuracy based on the double processing approach and comparison/review and rectification processes. This means the data captured will directly reflect what was sent. Of course, this may not be correct and the validation, enrichment and rejection processes help to manage this.


Intelligent keying

In many instances your system, or one of the B2BE Purchase to Pay or Order to Cash solutions only needs certain data from a document. This means the setup for the document capture can be configured to only capture what you need and will actually use.


Improved visibility

Any document within the B2BE Document Digitization solution retains the original document (PDF, image), the captured data and the file your organisation received so you can see exactly what has occurred if required. Of course all documents have an audit log and if part of a greater transaction set then they can also be linked to the other related documents.

Document Digitization success stories

Rexel | Case Studies | Supply Chain Management Solutions | B2BE
Rexel now receive 100% of their invoices digitized using both EDI and Document Digitization solutions.

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