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B2B e-Catalogue Solutions

B2B e-Catalogue solutions to support your customer's buying requirements

B2BE’s B2B e-Catalogue solution means you can better support your customers, reach new markets and keep-up with changing business demand. 

Many of your B2B customers are now moving away from wanting to manage your catalogue data and content in their systems and want you to manage it for them while providing an easy way to source your products. 

Whether it’s a need to support a punch-in solution, your customer’s punch-out requirements or simply to reach new markets and cover of all the channels to market B2BE’s B2B e-Catalogue can support you on your journey.

B2B e-catalogue solutions helping to solve

Supporting punch-out requirements

Many of your organisation’s customers now no longer wish to house your product data and content in their systems. The overheads to maintain it are heavy and many of your customers are looking to be able to punch-out (punch-in from your perspective) into your catalogue to order what they need.

B2B sales channels

In today’s world more and more sales, including B2B sales, are done using supplier online catalogues. To be able to support this, and provide new sales channels, having a B2B e-catalogue is becoming more relevant and necessary to maintain your customers.

Sales order integration

Offering a B2B e-Catalogue means your organisation would be able to leverage further integration of sales orders it produces, or if it supports the reverse purchase order functionality the sales orders your customers produce from the B2B e-catalogue as EDI documents. Meaning integration and less manual documents.

Reaching new markets

Not having an e-catalogue or B2B solution in this day and age means your organisation is potentially not able to leverage from the changes in business practices and making it harder to potentially reach new markets or opportunities. Contractually many buyers now require you to provide a B2B e-catalogue and punch-in capabilities.

B2BE’s B2B e-Catalogue workflow

B2B e-Catalogue Solutions | Order to Cash | B2BE

Our B2B e-catalogue solution is a great way to reach new markets and to support your customers who want to be able to punch-out to select and buy your products.

Key features of B2BE's B2B e-Catalogue solution

Customer punch-in support

Being able to offer your customers punch-out support is an advantage to your organisation and competitively as a supplier. It also means less catalogue integration with your customers as you will now maintain the data and content so it’s always right. B2BE’s B2B e-Catalogue can support your customer’s punch-in requirements and also the reverse purchase order functionality if they require and support it.

Customised access control

The e-catalogue is fully customisable based on roles and content so it means your products can be restricted by user or profile so your customers can only order what you sell to the customer or what they’re restricted to purchase.

Structured product variables

The structuring of a products variables in terms of product groups and attributes is very relevant to ensure logically your customers can find the product quickly and easily which the B2BE B2B e-Catalogue supports.

Rich content

The B2B e-catalogue is able to support all types of rich content to improve the user experience. B2B sales often rely on detailed supporting information so the e-catalogue can support technical drawings or documentation, images and other supporting material to help with the sales process.

Automated content upload

Sales orders that are integrated into your ERP or business system from the e-catalogue solves the traffic one way. However, you still need to get product data into the catalogue and using B2BE’s EDI environment this can be automated and the catalogue, or other supporting data, mapped into your B2B e-catalogue so updates are automated.

B2B e-catalogue in the cloud

The B2BE B2B e-Catalogue is hosted in the cloud which means your organisation doesn’t need to invest in or manage the infrastructure and security or fail-over requirements to manage a B2B e-catalogue properly. The catalogue resides in B2BE’s cloud environment to make it easy.

Why use a B2B e-catalogue ?

B2BE’s B2B e-Catalogue solution means you can better support your customers, reach new markets and keep-up with changing business demand.

What you can achieve with B2BE's B2B e-Catalogue solution


Cloud based and easy to setup

As the solution is cloud based, this means no hardware to manage and lower up-front investment and B2BE can get you up and running to help compliment your integrated O2C solution relatively quickly.


Data structure and content

The way you house data and how it needs to be displayed or made available in the B2B e-catalogue can easily be transmitted like most other EDI files B2BE deals with. So if you can only produce data in a certain way or other data, links or documents need to be linked to the content B2BE can help automate this as part of your B2B e-catalogue setup.


Single sales order channel

When sales orders are created in the B2B e-catalogue they’re integrated into your ERP or business system the same way an EDI file are so it means sales orders follow the same process and the same validation or workflows apply if these are setup as part of your O2C solution.

Complete sales channel solutions

By combining the B2B e-catalogue with sales order automation and EDI, for example you will be sure to be able to integrate the bulk of your customer’s sales orders which means you become more responsive to customer’s needs and requirements and can get products out of the door sooner.

B2B e-Catalogue success stories

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Net LED used B2BE’s B2B e-Catalogue solution globally to easily manage how they trade with their customers.

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