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PEPPOL Access Point

B2BE’s PEPPOL Access Point means one connection with a world of opportunities

B2BE’s PEPPOL Access Point provides your organisation with immediate access into the PEPPOL e-delivery network and all the trading partners who exist on the network. If your organisation trades with public or private bodies participating on the PEPPOL e-delivery network, you can spend time and money becoming accredited or let B2BE handle the integration for you.
PEPPOL Access Point | Document Management | B2BE

B2BE’s PEPPOL Access Point helping to solve

PEPPOL accreditation

The accreditation process for PEPPOL can be quite complex and as PEPPOL utilises a four corner model it means there are many requirements over and above standard EDI which requires reporting and ongoing support.

PEPPOL document set

PEPPOL, at present has a limited document set, invoices, with others to come. The investment to get this working and still needing to support EDI for other trading partners, who may have a broader range of documents means you may need to juggle different approaches, software, hardware and resources to manage it.

PEPPOL Specific standards

PEPPOL uses its own set of standards which means these need to be understood and managed as part of the accreditation process and for on-going support and maintenance.

B2BE’s PEPPOL workflow

As an accredited service provider, B2BE’s Access Point provides immediate entry into the PEPPOL e-delivery network and all of its trading partners.

Key features of B2BE’s PEPPOL Access Point solution

Connect once, connect to many

Once connected with the PEPPOL network via B2BE, organisations can trade with multiple trading partners who trade on the PEPPOL e-delivery network.

Enrichment and validation

B2BE understands that while a sender sends data they have available to them in their systems a PEPPOL receiver may need different data to integrate the documents so enrichment of files can occur on the fly. Similarly as an Access Point B2BE validates invoices to ensure the sender’s data will not simply create errors and more effort to rectify than if the document was sent manually and meet with PEPPOL’s standards.

Any format

The B2BE EDI network is an ‘any to any environment. The PEPPOL standards are supported similarly are any custom documents. In fact B2BE believes why translate something to only translate it into something else. Translate on the fly based on what the sender can send and B2BE will manage the PEPPOL formats.

Any protocol

All organisations have different capabilities or preferences when setting-up an EDI PEPPOL solution and how the data is sent is no different. At B2BE we can handle any protocol so connecting to us isn’t an issue. Whether it’s; FTP, HTTP/HTTPs, AS2, Web Services or an API B2BE has you covered and we then manage the connection into the PEPPOL network.

What you can achieve with B2BE’s PEPPOL Access Point solution


Immediate access to the PEPPOL network

As an accredited service provider, B2BE’s Access Point provides immediate entry into the PEPPOL e-delivery network and all of its trading partners. There’s no need to go through accreditation yourself.

Broader EDI suite

While PEPPOL gives you an entry point into trading partners who use PEPPOL there are others that still use standard EDI networks or who have electronic trading requirements. B2BE’s EDI solutions means that not only can you trade with PEPPOL trading partners but you can also connect to your other EDI based trading partners through one network.


Document Management base

Once trading with PEPPOL based trading partners, and perhaps other EDI trading partners, it’s a relatively small step to create a fully managed Document Management solution. PEPPOL and EDI invoices with email and print management, for example will ensure all your customer invoices are automated and your customer’s requirements covered.

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