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Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management

Fueling a resilient supply chain

The oil and gas industry’s supply chain can be categorised into upstream and downstream, which in their own rights are complex. The supply chain is vast and global, from upstream exploration in harsh and remote environments to the transportation of the crude or raw oil and gas into refining facilities before heading into the downstream supply chain where products are distributed and consumed by industry and retail. The challenges in the oil and gas supply chain are on a vast scale with diverse, voluminous and dangerous products moving around the globe.

Remote supply chains

Many oil and gas related services are consumed in very remote places which means ordering and delivery systems need to manage efficiently how these goods are moved. As the upstream exploration becomes increasingly remote and in harsher areas this also means the supply chains to service these environments get more difficult to manage and support.


The oil and gas industry upstream markets are dominated by several marketplaces that oil companies use. This means suppliers need to connect to a number of different marketplaces as well as directly, so supply chain document transmission is often complex as the market places apply very strict validation rules, particularly for invoices.

Fragmented upstream markets

Once the products have moved into the downstream supply chain things don't get easier. There's many secondary uses for oil and gas such as plastics which in their own right have their own supply chains.
However, within the oil and gas upstream markets products are distributed to the secondary manufacturers, industry and retail. The supply chain is vast, complex and seems to be endless given the uses of oil and gas products.

Complex supply chains

The infrastructure in the upstream environments and the supply chain to manage these means goods and services need to travel long distances so issues with supply chain can cause ruptures in exploration, drilling and refining and downtime is costly in the oil and gas industry.
Similarly, the products, once refined, are distributed into a vast supply chain where secondary manufacturing occurs for on-selling before consumption in a multitude of markets, all of which means the paper trail can be enormous.

Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management | EDI | Automation | B2BE

Solutions for oil and gas industry


B2BE’s EDI network helps suppliers and their customers automate their trading documents with both the upstream and downstream organisations in the oil and gas industry benefitting. B2BE’s EDI network can support all the oil and gas document formats such as PIDX and cXML structures. Similarly if you’re a supplier and need to connect to any number of the upstream market places B2BE can get you connected regardless of the system you use, documents you wish to integrate and structures your systems can produce or support.

Web Portal

The Web Portal solution gives oil and gas customers instant access to all their document’s that have been transmitted via any of the B2BE Document Management solutions, including B2BE’s EDI network.

No matter the end-point of a document or where a document was sent from the Web Portal instantly provide your business users access and visibility to these to help share and disseminate information better.

Using the Web Portal and a B2BE Document Management solution also means you can incorporate a number of workflows to ensure that what you receive is valid and how you send documents can be managed easily.

Field to Invoice

Using B2BE’s Field to Invoice (FTI) solution, which is integrated into the FieldFX solution from Liquid Frameworks, companies across the oil and gas supply chain can instantly convert FieldFX tickets and invoices into customer-ready EDI transactions with seamless delivery. B2BE’s Field to Invoice plug-in is a fully automated, delivered solution that instantly converts and seamlessly transmits electronic invoices and supporting documents. It is capable of sending e-Invoices and supporting tickets to your end customers, which may includes Cortex and marketplaces such as OpenInvoice, Ariba, and any other customers who have their own solutions.

Document Management

B2BE offers an intelligent document management solution that allows oil and gas organisations, particularly suppliers, to route and send all business documents electronically, customer invoices being the primary document that drives volume.

B2BE’s Document Management solutions means your organisation can send documents electronically to B2BE who then manage the on-forwarding or receipt processes based on the customer’s requirements. Send all your customer invoices, for example and B2BE will handle their distribution via; EDI and email or via the print management solution. We can even fax them if you have customers who need this.

Helping your oil and gas supply chain to thrive


Built for the oil and gas industry

B2BE works to enable upstream and downstream players in the oil and gas industry to achieve their supply chain goals digitally. This is reached through B2BE’s seamless and fully automated delivery of electronic documents and field tickets. Oil and gas operators can then focus on supporting the complex supply chain requirements while the documents that support this can be automated and managed electronically.


100% Customer e-invoicing

Using B2BE’s Document Management and electronic EDI solutions, oil and gas companies can send 100% of their customer's invoices electronically, with no human intervention. The solution removes the need for hard copy documents. The storage and access and retrieval of documents are available online and can be downloaded in seconds while improving document visibility across the supply chain. You can even re-send easily if required.


Improved DSO

Like any other industry managing DSO is very important for cash flow purposes. B2BE's e-invoice automation and validation means customer invoices will be received correctly so you should therefore improve DSO days as payments are made on-time and in full which is key.


Streamlined operations

Since oil and gas companies rely on multiple partners, processers, and manufacturers, it’s important to be able to track supply chain partners on one coherent platform. Using B2BE’s Web Portal, you can track all the moving documents within your supply network, visible to whichever part of your organisation you decide.

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