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Workflow Solutions

Giving you control of your document management solutions

Document Management solutions and the transmission or integration of documents electronically is not always easy to manage within your organisations systems. B2BE offers a wide range of workflows to better assist with the movement of documents between suppliers and buyers and their trading partners for many of the Document Management solutions B2BE offers.

Whether it’s to validate or route documents or to offer specific workflows to enable the upload and processing of documents B2BE’s workflows are designed to enhance the Document Management experience and help in areas that your systems may not be able to handle easily or where it makes sense to have human intervention.

Workflows helping to solve

Data integrity

While a buyer and seller may spend time at the outset of a purchase agreement to align products these, over time, may evolve. Data that is sent electronically may be wrong creating incorrect shipments or simply slowing the process which is not the aim of automation.

Product alignment

Products may be superseded, prices changed and products are discontinued. Keeping these aligned is difficult and requires effort. When adopting an integrated EDI solution this creates errors, increasing management effort and absorbs time. If the time isn’t spent then goods are likely to be shipped incorrectly or not at all.

Buyer and supplier variances

The way a buyer buys and a supplier sells may vary, even where agreements prevail. A buyer may buy in meters or lengths and a supplier may sell in rolls, for example. These issues will always exist and more so in some industries. This can create issues when integrating as goods may be shipped in the wrong quantities.

System limitations

Simply put, some systems have limitations in dealing with variances. That is, when everything is aligned and the data correct there’s no issue. However, if the data is incorrect an ERP or business system may not handle it in a way that’s easy to manage which means the value of electronic trading is lost.

Complex products

In some industries products are complex, made of multiple parts or components or manufactured to order. These types of orders need to be reviewed, inspected amended and approved in many circumstances before the sales order can be created and manufacture commences. If it’s wrong, valuable resources, physical and financial, could be lost.

Key features of B2BE's Workflow solutions

Automated rules based validation

The rules can be defined in most document management workflows to capture issues as and when they occur so there’s no need to manually review each and every document passing through one of B2BE’s Document Management solutions.

Exception handling

The B2BE Document Management workflows allow you to configure the exceptions you wish to capture or the process the workflow will create so it can be customised by document type or stage within the document transaction set.

Automated notifications

Of course no-one wants to spend their day watching an application to wait for something to happen. B2BE’s workflows are designed to automatically notify you when an event occurs that requires attention and possible action.

Manual data rectification

When a workflow detects an issue based on the rules that have been set users can take a number of actions which may include rejecting the document or rectifying the issue and re-validating so what you receive is then accurate and will not create issues within your ERP or business system.

Automated rectification

Many of the workflows available to manage your document management solutions can be configured to automate elements of the workflow so you don’t need to check, validate or review each document so you can focus only on documents that create issues.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Workflow solutions


Accurate integration

EDI or any document management solutions rely on accuracy, bad data or processes means delays and manual intervention. B2BE’s Document Management workflows help to ensure that there is increased accuracy. Or at best, issues are identified early within the process rather than further into the transactional document set, for example when invoicing.


Error management reduction

By setting a range of rules, allowing users to manage these easily on-line it means errors or issues can be reduced and what your ERP or business system receives, or you send, is going to be correct the first time, meaning delivery times will be met and there will be less chance of goods being returned or held-up.


Improved responsiveness

If your only managing exceptions and you’re being notified as and when these occur it means you can be supper responsive to customers, or suppliers, and get the issue resolved in a timely manner which means the supply chain process isn’t slowed down.


Greater visibility

The workflow solutions are all cloud based and available through the Web Portal which means they can be accessed anywhere and are highly visible and easy to use so errors or issues can be identified easily and appropriate actions taken quickly.

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