Document Routing with B2BE

Easily configure the way your trading partners receive their documents.

Solution Overview

Online Portal

The B2BE Document Routing Solution is a hosted application available through the Web Portal. It allows your organisation to send automated data feeds to B2BE who will then cross-reference by the client or supplier number to determine the way the data is to be sent; EDI, email (in any number of formats), facsimile, or print and post.

Defaulted Invoices

You can default all client invoices to be sent via post, and progressively change the configurations so the invoices are sent via more cost-effective means such as EDI and email.

Multiple Routing Channels

You can set up multiple routing channels so documents can go via multiple methodologies, print, and email. You can set up multiple recipients via email so you can carbon copy and blind carbon copy.

Key Features

Any Document Type

Route any document type online, including sales orders, invoices, statements, remittance advices etc.

Visibility & Control

Your organisation is empowered to be able to respond quickly to a client's requirements which includes full audit and control and visibility through online interfaces accessed via the B2BE Web Portal environment.

Online Access & Download

Archived documents can be retrieved through a secure online interface using the search functionality to search for the unique identifier or other document variables.

Plug and Play Connectivity

The archiving solution is designed to plug and play with all B2BE’s products and solutions so you can store documents for any length of time, given business requirements or tax purposes.

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Document Routing

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