Increasing your supplier invoice first-time match rates, throughput, auditability and payment accuracy
  • Complement your ERP
  • Fully Automated
  • Optimise Match Rates
  • Receipting Workflow
  • Invoice Receipt

Our solution is designed to complement your ERP environment. However, it provides greater levels of configurability and flexibility to manage complex buying and payment environments, so your ERP only needs to manage the payment proposal process and ultimately payments based on the supplier’s terms.

Three-Way Matching manages a fully automated debit or credit process by applying configurable rules to the invoice as they’re parsed through the system.

The solution can be configured to get the most optimum match rates, so accounts payable personnel only deal with a low-level number of exceptions and processes to manage exceptions are all managed in a single interface.

If you need to manage receipting externally, B2BE can provide a receipting workflow so goods can be receipted within the same environment.

Combining B2BE’s electronic invoice receipt processes your accounts payable teams never need to touch paper and throughput volumes will increase as well as accuracy rates.

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