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Three-Way Matching Solutions

Increase accuracy, line match rates and accounts payable automation

B2BE’s Three-Way Matching solution gives you full control over your accounts payable processes to ensure you’re paying suppliers the right amount and when you need to. Invoices are matched with goods receipts and purchase orders and using B2BE’s Accounts Payable AI intelligent matching means errors can be eliminated in the pre-processing stage, anomalies with the way you buy and the supplier sells can be automatically managed to maximize line matching and reduce human intervention.

Of course the system can also allow manual intervention if needs be to balance, query and reject invoices, if need be, so your accounts payable team only needs to deal with the real exceptions and the rest remains automated.

Key features of B2BE's Three-Way Matching solution

Increase first time match rates

The three-way matching solution aims to achieve over 90% first time line level match rates. If your organisation only needs to deal with less than 10% of your supplier invoices it means these can be investigated more thoroughly and less energy and time needs to be spent by your accounts payable teams.

Pay suppliers the right amount at the right time

Incorrect payments means more effort to manage and remedy. B2BE’s Three-Way Matching solution means you will not only pay suppliers more efficiently you will not pay the wrong supplier the wrong amount. B2BE’s AI and validation approach means invoices are processed accurately and quickly so when you do your payment proposal run you will only be paying what you need to and at the right time.

Don't pay duplicate or incorrect invoices

Duplicate invoices are problematic as you don’t want to pay for goods twice and they aren’t always easy to pick-up, particularly when you have a decentralized accounts payable environment. B2BE’s Three-Way Matching solution can easily identify duplicate invoices so they aren’t processed and paid twice.

Three-way debit process

The three-way matching solution supports a one-hit debit approach so your ledgers remain balanced and clean, defined as best practice accounting. Debit notes can be automated or manually created based on configurable and defined rules. If you need to cancel a debit note to balance an invoice differently the debit note cancellation workflow can manage this.

Three-way credit process

The three-way credit approach issues credit request to suppliers automatically based on the solution’s configuration or they can be issued manually. You can also configure the credit approach to run in a short pay mode while you wait for a credit. The system can also be configured to then run a debit process in the event the a supplier doesn’t send a credit note so it’s highly flexible. Like the debit process there’s a credit request cancellation workflow if you need to cancel a credit request.

Settlement discount management

To ensure your organization can benefit from terms of settlement the three-way matching system identifies invoices with settlement discount terms so you can process the invoice on time or sooner to take advantage of the terms.

e-Invoice document management

Automating all your supplier’s invoices, regardless of how they send them, means a single stream into your three-way matching solution so the same rules and processes apply and your team don’t need to do different things based on how you received the invoice from the supplier.

B2BE Three-Way Matching workflow

Three-Way Matching Solutions | Procure to Pay | B2BE

B2BE’s Three-Way Matching solution gives you full control over your accounts payable processes to ensure you’re paying suppliers the right amount and when you need to.

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