Streamlined and integrated buying and selling solutions for the sale and purchase of goods and services
  • B2B E-Catalogue
  • Punchout Capabilities
  • Requisitions

B2BE’s e-catalogue provide tools for driving online sales. B2BE can also facilitate your need for creating an expense procurement or requisition system with spend limits and approval workflows.

B2BE’s punch-out functionality supports OBI and OCI based standards so you can go to supplier’s catalogues, browse, select goods and integrate the reverse purchase order into your ERP system.

B2BE’s non-trade requisitions solution allows your organisation to manage non-trade spend so goods and services in B2BE’s e-catalogued to facilitate the requisition process.

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B2B E-commerce Engine

Build a powerful online shopping engine for your clients.

Punch Out Catalogue

Create a portal to punch out to your suppliers catalogue, or enable punch out for your clients with OBI and OCI standards.

Non-Trade Requisitions

Manage non-trade spend so goods and services can be catalogued, sent through an approval process, all before the requisition is sent to a supplier.

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