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Gain control over your procurement processes

The first step in the Purchase to Pay (P2P) process, and one that will form the basis for good governance and process is the procurement of goods. The more efficiently your organization can procure goods means the processes that follow will be easier to manage and be more accurate.

Sending suppliers requisitions or purchase orders with incorrect information means deliveries maybe delayed, payments become more complex and more resources time will be spent on the P2P processes in general. 

B2BE’s procurement solutions help to streamline the procurement of goods and services to ensure your organization can in fact benefit from an end-to-end P2P solution which may operate in conjunction with your ERP or business system or as a stand alone requisition system.

Procurement helping to solve

Requisition content maintenance

One of the on-going struggles many buyers face is the maintenance of their supplier’s catalog data into their system. Suppliers change, content changes with new, superseded and deleted ranges and prices change making it a time consuming exercise to manage.

Approval and spend management

Where requisitions require approval this needs to be setup in your systems to ensure the right personnel can approve the requisitions and cross function approval becomes difficult to manage.

Visibility and control

As with any P2P solution the visibility of the system and it’s functionality is key to stepped process change and to gain buy-in from the functions involved. If the process is not easy to follow it will not be a success.

Speed of requisitions

Manual requisitions that may have a number of manual or quasi manual steps mean that requisitions are not quick to create and this may affect the ability of the supplier to supply the goods or services in a timely manner.

Accuracy of requisitions

The requisition is king in terms of driving smoother P2P processes. If the data, content or even buyer and ship to details aren’t accurate then this will definitely effect the delivery and your supply chain.

Key features of B2BE's Procurement solutions

Multi faceted approach to requisitions

B2BE has a range of solutions to help simplify the requisitions process, manage catalog data and create requisitions. Whether it’s a simple form based approach for requisitions or a more sophisticated approach such as being able to punch-out to your suppliers catalogs to generate reverse purchase orders B2BE has a procurement solution to help you on your P2P journey.

Simple requisition requirements to the more complex

The general aim is to ensure requisitions are easy to create, fast to process and most importantly accurate. There’s no point having a complex solution with multi approval levels when you don’t need a solution like that. B2BE has a range of solutions, depending on how you want to maintain supplier data, how much data you need to maintain and how much effort you want to apply in it’s maintenance. Web form requisitions, catalog based requisitions or punch-out. B2BE’s solutions can make the complex simple.

Customizable based on your P2P process requirements

Each procurement solution is highly customizable based on how you wish to implement the solution. Whether it’s a simple requisition form approach with approvals or connecting to multiple supplier catalogs via a punch-out approach with reverse purchase orders and a fully integrated EDI solution. All the solutions can be configured so you achieve the approach that best suits your organization and which your suppliers can support.

Catalog and free-form requisitions

Sometimes you need structured data to create requisitions whereas other times they need to be a bit more free-form, particularly for services. You can combine the both approaches with B2BE’s requisitions based on how your organization wishes to create a requisition and for what type of product or service.

Plug and play workflows

All the B2BE requisition approaches mean data from or to a requisition solution can be integrated and work with other workflow solutions to better manage your P2P solution. Whether it’s requisition approvals to approving any document, document routing to send requisitions or document corrections to manage issues and content, which can be used by both buyer or seller, there’s a range of solutions to better ensure accuracy of data and requisitions.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Procurement solutions


End-to end P2P suite

When you combine a requisitions solution with workflows and B2BE’s Document Management and accounts payable solutions you have a full end-to-end P2P solution that can be configured to work in conjunction with your current systems, stand alone or using a hybrid approach.

Covering all your requisition angles

Having a number of ways to create requisitions means that your organization has a solution that will best fit your requirements and needs so you get what you need only so it easy to use and manageable by business users.

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Wide range of accounts payable solutions

To round-off your P2P solution B2BE’s wide range of accounts payable solutions means you can manage invoices 100% electronically and then manage the matching process based on how you receive goods and services, three-way, two-way matching or as expense invoices. All of which give you greater control, visibility and which are fully auditable.


Cloud based and easy to use

All B2BE’s solutions are cloud based which means they’re highly intuitive and easy to use and they offer greater levels of visibility across your organisation, branch or retail network and to your suppliers ensuring the solutions are delivering value through usability.

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