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Grow your organisation’s B2B capabilities and sales channels, capture more sales and be able to offer a fully electronic client engagement suite
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Key Features

Secure & Customisable Access Control
Provide content based on the type of user visiting the catalogue through custom access. Pricing and content for public users or specific content and pricing for account users via a login.
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Attribute Management
Enables you to design the way in which you set up and manage products based on key attributes. Build logical and uniform ways in which products can be categorised.
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Punch-Out Capability
The engine supports both OBI and OCI standards. It allows your clients to punch-out from their system, browse your catalogue and select products through the online ordering system. It also supports reverse purchase order automation.
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Easy Content Management System
Product information such as images, pricing, and technical specifications can easily be managed. You have full control over updates ensuring content remains relevant and accurate.
Online Shopping Cart
Provides online payment facilities to both your customer accounts and the public using a secure payment gateway. It can also be linked to your own banks payment gateway providing seamless transactions.
Key Benefits
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