Accounts Payable Automation

Streamline and automate many of your accounts payable functions, while improving throughput and accuracy
  • Configurability
  • Invoice Receipts
  • Expense Invoices
  • 3-Way Matching

The B2BE Accounts Payable solutions are a highly configurable range of solutions designed to manage a range of needs within your organisation's accounts payable environment.

B2BE can manage invoice receipt processes so you can receive all your supplier invoices electronically through to fully outsourced accounts payable solutions that can be configured to meet your organisation's specific needs.

If you need to manage expense invoices for approval and GL coding across a wide geographic area or across a complex business structure the B2BE expense invoice management solution will do this.

For the ultimate in outsourcing the B2BE accounts payable three-way matching solution is a fully outsourced accounts payable solution designed to manage invoice matching automatically so your accounts payable team only needs to manage exceptions.

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3-Way Matching

Outsource your invoice matching, increasing your first-time invoice match rates throughput.

Expense Invoice Management

Make your expense invoices visible and auditable through the approval and coding stages, so there isn’t invoice loss and suppliers are paid on time.

Electronic Invoice Receipts

Both buyer and supplier organisations can choose how they transmit and receive invoices, through EDI, digitisation, online through Web EDI, or document upload and keying workflow.

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