Automate your supplier invoice receipt processes to eliminate all manual supplier invoices to better manage your accounts payable environment
  • E-invoice Validation
  • Invoice Receipt
  • Plug & Play
  • Online Access

B2BE’s accounts payable and supplier invoice solutions allow you to apply both business and tax rules as the invoices pass through the B2BE environment to ensure they comply with your business processes. Correspondingly they can be enriched with external data to help with the matching process, using your accounts payable system or B2Bs’.

B2BE can manage invoice receipt processes so you can receive all your supplier invoices electronically. This is regardless of the way in which a supplier can send invoices. Whether using EDI, Web EDI or Document Digitization, your organisation can receive all invoices electronically.

E-invoicing for supplier invoices provide a great foundation to be able to plug and play the invoices into B2BE’s accounts payable suite of products. Whether it’s a full 3-way matching solution, expense invoices or one of B2BE’s workflow solutions. Using any of these solutions also means you can query invoices within your organisation or to suppliers. All online, and all fully visible, auditable and controlled.

All your supplier’s invoices are accessible online via the Web Portal. Access can be provided to your organisation and suppliers to give greater levels of visibility. If you use the B2BE Accounts Payable suite you can even provide invoice statuses to your suppliers.

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