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Accounts Payable Solutions

Ensure you're paying suppliers the right amount at the right time

B2BE has a suite of accounts payable solutions to ensure you pay your suppliers correctly and at the right time. Whether it’s a full three-way matching solution running a credit or debit process or a two-way matching solution when you don’t do goods receipt through to managing expense invoices, their approval and GL coding. 

B2BE has a full range of accounts payable solutions and ancillary workflows to ensure the last step in your Purchase to Pay (P2P) solution is seamless, automated and gives your organization full control, visibility and importantly audibility.

Accounts Payable helping to solve

Poor match rates

Poor match rates within your accounts payable environment means accounts payable staff will spend more time to match or balance invoices, mistakes could be made and ultimately suppliers may be short or over paid.

High levels of supplier queries

When your accounts payable solution isn’t operating efficiently this leads to supplier mistrust and also more queries to chase payments and follow-up with issues which adds unproductive time to manage.

No visibility

If your accounts payable team has limited visibility of all the documents in the P2P process, if branches or stores and suppliers similarly have visibility issues this will generate more emails, calls and movement of invoices absorbing time and energy.

Lack of audit and control

Having limited audit trail means where issues arise they’re more difficult to address and may ultimately cause legal issues for tax reporting purposes.

Highly manual

Accounts payable processes can be very manual. Receipt of paper invoices and the manual shuffling of paper around an organization means lost invoices, slow supplier responses and potential payment issues.

Key features of B2BE's Accounts Payable solution

Debit or credit process

B2BE’s accounts payable solutions, three-way and two-way matching can be run using a credit or debit approach. Credits can automatically be applied to payments to balance issues or in the debit scenario a debit request can be issued , short paid and credit notes processed. Each approach is highly automated meaning you set the rules and the system automatically applies them.

Pre-matching validation

Many invoices your organization receive from suppliers may cause issues from the outset. Incorrect purchase order numbers, wrong customer, incorrect or missing details. B2BE’s pre-matching validation means obvious issues can automatically be dealt with or simply returned to the supplier to rectify so the invoice can be dealt with early within the accounts payable process.

AI matching

B2BE’s AI matching approach means the system has a range of rules and configurations that can be applied to the invoice while matching so it can be intelligently managed within the system to help with better match rates and lower staff involvement.

Automated processing and exception coding

The accounts payable solution automatically codes all invoices at the header and line level so issues can be managed granularly at line level in either the processing or exceptions modules in three-way and two-way matching so issues are easily flagged to a user.

Automated rules based invoice management

B2BE’s invoice automation means that suppliers, no matter how they send you invoices, can be digitized and automated to remove the manual processing requirements and which integrate into all B2BE’s accounts payable solutions.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Accounts Payable solution


High line match rates

Adopting one of B2BE’s three-way or two-way matching solutions, whether as a part of a full P2P solution or standalone, will help your organization increase your line match rates and ensure you pay suppliers correctly and can realize any settlement discounts and remove the chance of late payment fees.

Highly automated

Invoice automation through to matching and processing of invoices, goods for re-sale and expense invoices, are fully automated based on B2BE’s AI and Document Management solutions which means your accounts payable teams will only need to manage the real exceptions.


Manage by exception

When you run a fully automated accounts payable environment your accounts payable teams will only need to manage by exception. Invoices , that through one reason or another, cannot be matched and require human intervention or need to be queried or approved in your organization’s network.

query management

Query management

All B2BE accounts payable solutions incorporate query functionality. This means invoices, and supporting documents, can be queried between stores, suppliers and relevant parties to resolve issues. All this is managed and recorded so the history is always retained and actions recorded.

Supplier and organisation visibility

When adopting a B2BE accounts payable solution it instantly gives visibility to all the parties to the transactions, the processes and stages of the invoices journey which means suppliers and other organization functions can become self supportive.

Accounts Payable success stories

UNFI Canada | Case Studies | Supply Chain Management Solutions | B2BE
UNFI used B2BE’s Account Payable solution to easily manage how they trade with their suppliers.

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