First Steps for Archiving

First Steps for Archiving

First steps toward archiving your documents online and removing complicated paper trails and document storage

When you use any one of B2BE’s solutions it will invariable mean you will send or receive electronic document and data, generate audit trails and have visibility requirements to support any number of business processes or tax requirements, in the case of financial documents such as invoices. B2BE can, through the Web Portal or Customer Centre, support any of these requirements with our flexible approach to archiving.

First Steps


Which document does your organisation trade electronically and would benefit from extended access?


Do you send invoices and need to store them for an extended period for tax purposes? And do you trade in multiple locations which have different retention rules?


Are you using a B2BE solution such as Accounts Payable, where some documents need to be archived for longer periods to allow their use in the application?


Would it help different functions in the business when dealing with customers or suppliers to have extended access to documents and data to be able to respond to queries faster?


Or, would it simply be easier to keep the documents longer so your trading partners can access historic information?


Is it important for your business processes to store data longer to maintain audit trails?


Where a document is part of a transactions set, and linked to other documents, is it better to keep the full transaction set available for extended times?


Where PDF documents are received or sent using one of B2BE’s document management services does your organisation need to have these available for extended periods of time in the case where they may be required?


Does your organisation need flexibility to change archiving periods by document types or specific trading relationships throughout the life of the document?

First Steps for Archiving

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