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The B2BE web-EDI product is a great way to trade with suppliers who are not capable of supporting an EDI based solution, so you as a buyer can still trade electronically with these suppliers.

You can send documents into the Web-EDI environment and suppliers are notified when they have received a new document.

Typically, a Web-EDI process model will commence with a purchase order, the supplier can then convert this into any number of documents such as a purchase order response, ASN and invoice.

The Web-EDI product is highly modular, and you can run different process models for different types of suppliers.

Key Features 

Configurable Process Models
The Web-EDI product allows a buyer to configure different process models, those of which may contain different document types and different validation or functional requirements and rules.
Easy to Use Interfaces
The Web-EDI interfaces are easy and intuitive so suppliers who use them don’t need any training in their use so they can be on-boarded very quickly so they can trade with your organisation very quickly. In fact, they can even self-onboard.
Supplier Linking
Each process model can be linked to a range of suppliers or specific suppliers. Suppliers of expense goods and services may have a different process model over those suppliers that supply goods for resale.
Easily Apply Business Rules
Each of the process models can apply specific business rules to different document types so the interfaces manage what a supplier can and cannot do. For example, as a buyer you may not allow back orders so once a supplier has sent a purchase order acknowledgement or invoice, depending on the process model, the supplier will no longer be able to create any further purchase order acknowledgements or invoices on the purchase order.
Key Benefits

Audit and Notify

Full document audit and control processes means no documents can be lost with automated notifications which alerts suppliers that they have new documents waiting to process.

Complement Supplier EDI Engagement

Easy to use online interfaces enabling all suppliers to trade with you electronically when they cannot support EDI.


Ability to automatically on-board suppliers to use web-EDI with little involvement from buyers through the B2BE web portal product.

Plug and Play Connectivity

B2BE’s Web-EDI product can be combined with other B2BE document outsourcing solutions to produce a powerful document distribution and receipt suite to help drive down document distribution costs.

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