First Steps for Print Management

First Steps for
Print Management

First steps toward outsourcing your printed documents to help reduce manual work and ultimately to move to electronic documents
Still managing printed customer documents? While electronic document distribution is more practical, faster and cheaper there are many customers who still wish to receive their documents, such as invoices and statements, in the mail. Which means you’re still left with documents that require printing and then posting. B2BE can support this as a stand-alone requirement or as a full document management and distribution suite.

First Steps


Do you still need to send invoices and statements, for example to clients in the post?


Do you manage stationery and infrastructure to do this? Printers, folding machines and franking machines?


How many documents do you send manually and how many resources manage this and can they be better utilized doing something else given mail is highly manual and not very productive?


Do you experience late payment fees from suppliers due to the slow processing of invoices?


Do you want to be able to transition from physical postage to electronic distribution easily?


Are you able to consolidate mail easily so you can reduce your mail charges?


Can you take advantage of clean mail rates easily if they exist?


Do you have end point visibility of all your transactions irrespective of the distribution methodology?


Do you often get requests to resend documents? Are you currently able to offer a self-service approach?

First Steps for Print Management

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