First Steps for Email

Looking to automate all your outbound business documents such as invoices to create a document management solution? Combine B2BE’s email distribution with a full document management solution or as a stand-alone solution. Automate all or automate a part.

Download the First Steps sheet


Which documents do you want to send to clients, and which make sense to? For example, customer invoices and statements?


How many documents do you send manually and how many resources manage this and can they be better utilised doing something else?


Can you manage recipient email addresses within your system? Are they maintained? Have you ever done a cleansing exercise?


Do your clients need document emailed to multiple locations or people at the same time?


Can you batch documents per email if clients wish to receive multiple documents per email?


Would having a multiple modal document distribution approach make your organisation more responsive to your clients?


Do you want to be able to transition from email to electronic distribution (EDI) easily?


Do you have end point visibility of all your transactions irrespective of the distribution methodology?


Do you often get requests to resend documents? Are you currently able to offer a self-service approach?

Get in touch with B2BE so that we can demonstrate how our solutions can help you to simplify the management and distribution of your documents using B2BE’s email solution.

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