Three Way Matching Case Study
Three Way Matching Case Study
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B2BE’s Three Way Matching solution is a fully outsourced approach to matching supplier Invoices for payment. The solution is designed to manage the enrichment and validation of Invoices against Purchase Orders and GRNI data.

Three Way Matching manages a fully automated debit process by applying your rules to the Invoice and it then sends the matches, rejections and exceptions into a workflow that can be managed by yourselves or by the supplier, if they are given access.

Three Way Matching manages complex buying and payment processes and can be tailored to the way you buy, and the seller sells.

Three Way Matching Video (3:01)


Three Way Matching flow

Key Features

  • Invoice receipt
    Supplier Invoices are electronically loaded into B2BE Three Way Matching. B2BE can help you receive supplier Invoices and convert them to electronic (EDI) Invoice files.

    Invoices can be sent from suppliers electronically (EDI), via email and as hard copies where they are converted to electronic files using the B2BE Document Digitization Process (DDP). This ensures 100% electronic Invoice receipt, reducing pre-processing and other manual processes prior to automated matching in B2BE Three Way Matching.

  • Integration with your other systems
    B2BE integrates the Three Way Matching solution with your system(s) that hold key data needed to perform the matching process including; Supplier Master File, Purchase Orders, GRNI and Purchase Ledger.

    Once matched, the Invoice is passed to your Accounting system as a ledger file, to be paid based on the supplier’s payment terms.

  • Rules engine
    The rules in B2BE’s Three Way Matching solution provide a flexible and powerful tool that determines what happens during the process of matching. The rules can be adapted to your processes or to a specific supplier. Each rule triggers a process in the matching engine and its’ related workflow.
  • Online visibility and audit
    The online Web Portal, where the Three Way Matching solution resides, provides full document visibility, with tracking functionality and audit trails which allows a document to be easily traced throughout the workflow.

    This is a useful tool to resolve business concerns such as payment issues, with a single point of information for all pertinent documents such as Purchase Order, Invoice, Debit Note and Remittances; etc.

  • Automated exception handling
    If an Invoice is not matched then it is either rejected (to the supplier automatically) or treated as an exception. The B2BE Three Way Matching solution is intelligent enough to classify the reason for the non-match, based on your rules and processes, and it sends the Invoice to the correct workflow.

    All exception handling, and the degree of process automation, is configured using your rules and processes.

  • Invoice workflow management
    Invoices will automatically go into specific workflow queues for manual handling (based on the rules engine and your exception handling processes). This enables Accounts Payable staff to manage exceptions e.g. where an issue cannot be automated. Accounts Payable staff can also be allocated to specific queues to manage workflows and processes.

    Workflows can be made available to suppliers (based on permissions) if you wish to involve the supplier in some areas of Accounts Payable process.

  • Reporting
    Reporting is based on the metrics you want to measure and in the manner you want them displayed. Standard reports provide users with audit, throughput and exception reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Matched Invoices go directly into your ERP with no manual intervention, reducing manual handling and costs
  • Rejected Invoices are sent back to the suppliers without any manual involvement or intervention putting the onus on the supplier to ensure they are passing you correct Invoices
  • Automated Invoice exception management workflow enables Accounts Payable staff to focus only on key exceptions
  • The workflow solution ensures best practices are applied to all exceptions
  • By automating the integration with your systems and your suppliers systems you reduce the chance of errors
  • When fully integrated with other B2BE products and solutions, this can facilitate 100% electronic Invoice receipt thus negating manual Invoice processing

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