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PEPPOL: The Nuances of Adopting PEPPOL via Accreditation vs Connecting via an Accredited Partner.

Author: Jeff Martin, B2BE

About The White Paper

Chapter 1

1. Background

Chapter 2

2. PEPPOL Basics

Chapter 3

3. Organisational Change and Considerations

3.1 Skill Availability
3.2 Resource Availability
3.3 ROI
3.4 Future Needs

Chapter 4

4. Outsourcing V’s Inhouse PEPPOL Solutions

4.1 In-house
4.2 Outsourcing
4.3 Web EDI

Chapter 5

5. B2BE’s Access Point

Chapter 6

6. Advantages

6.1 Security
6.2 Visibility
6.3 Value Add and Experience

Chapter 7

7. Contact Us

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White Paper: PEPPOL

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