First Steps for PEPPOL

To understand how to get going on the PEPPOL e-delivery network there are a number of steps and questions you need to understand.

Download the First Steps sheet


Who do you want to trade with on the PEPPOL e-delivery network?


PEPPOL currently supports invoices. However, they will in the future support other document types. Did you also want to look at these when they’re available?


What system do you use? Can you get invoices out of the system, or do you already?


How do you want to send or receive your invoices? For example, SFTP, AS2, HTTPs or API?


What formats can your system support, or do you support already?


Do the invoices need more information sent in the files which your PEPOL trading partner needs which you don’t hold or manage?


If you’re not trading invoices electronically at present did you also wish to combine your PEPPOL implementation with standard EDI or other e-invoice document management solutions?

Get in touch with B2BE and we can help you answer the questions in the steps and guide you through how to get going on the PEPPOL e-delivery network.

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