First Steps for EDI and Connectivity

When you decide you want to adopt an EDI approach you will also need to consider how the files get in and out of your network.

Download the First Steps sheet


Do you currently trade electronically and how is connectivity setup between you and your provider or customers/suppliers?


Where your organisation supports EDI do you need to support multiple connections and connectivity mechanisms?


Are you being asked by your customers and suppliers to manage different connectivity to support them?


How secure is the current connection(s)? Or do you have security teams who are looking to decrease current network access?


If you need to support more secure connections, AS2, HTTPs etc. over less secure connections, FTP, SMTP etc. does your organisation have the infrastructure and teams to manage this?


Are you looking at direct integration with your ERP via API’s?

Get in touch with B2BE and we can help you answer the questions in the steps and guide you through connectivity options whether you’re new to EDI or looking to change provider or the protocol you’re currently using.

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