First Steps for Document Distribution

Managing multiple distribution methods might be a challenge to handle in your current environment due to ERP limitations, infrastructure reliability or simply poor visibility of transactions for all parties involved. Automating Document Distribution can help your organisation to facilitate EDI or migrate transactions to alternative methods to reduce costs.

Download the First Steps sheet


Do you currently manage multiple distribution methods within your ERP? For example, EDI, Fax, Email, SMTP etc.


Is your system able to provide the distribution detail in your ERP output file? For example, receiver’s email address?


Do your customers require you to send copies of documents to multiple recipients in different document formats? For example, EDI and email.


Do you want to be able to transition from physical postage to electronic distribution?


Do you have expensive, limited duty cycle print and folding hardware?


Do you have end point visibility of all your transactions irrespective of the distribution methodology?


Do you often get requests to resend documents? Are you currently able to offer a self-service approach?


Do you want to be able to offer documents in different formats? For example, PDF, CSV, XML etc.


Can your system suppress negative or zero value transactions?

Get in touch with B2BE so that we can demonstrate how our solutions can help you to simplify the management of your outbound transactions using Document Distribution.

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