First Steps for Changing EDI Providers

You’ve decided to change your EDI provider. There are several steps and things you need to take into consideration as part of the change.

Download the First Steps sheet


Do you trade electronic documents on both sides of your supply chain?


What document types do you currently trade electronically and with whom? Purchase Orders and Invoices, for example.


Does your current provider deliver any business logic you cannot handle in your own systems that needs to be handled?


What are the current issues your organisation faces with your current provider? What is it they cannot do for you?


Where you use, or send data into a tradition Value Added Network (VAN) do you own your GLN/Mailbox or is this owned by your current provider?


Do you have any time frames that will need to be taken into consideration when changing provider? Do you have new connections you need to setup or contract renewal constraints?


Do you have the resources available to manage the change from a business or technical perspective?

Get in touch with B2BE and we can help you answer the questions in the steps and guide you through changes required to move to B2BE from another provider.  We’ve helped many  organisations move their EDI traffic onto the B2BE network and can help manage interconnections to other providers.

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