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B2BE Opens in France

B2BE France SAS, a trading entity to look after the local sales, was incorporated in Paris, France.

B2BE Opens in the Philippines

B2BE.COM Philippines Incorporated, a sales entity, was incorporated in Manila, Philippines and drives growth in the region.

Growth Phase

B2BE continue to grow its existing markets and further augments product depth and range to better service B2BE’s client base.

ECN Acquisition

B2BE NZ Pty Limited had completed the acquisition of ECN Group Limited in August 2012 with an eye toward simulating business growth and diversification. The ECN, acquisition also sees the ECN Manila, Philippines business being integrated into B2BE.

B2BE Expands Asian Markets

B2BE GSS (Vietnam) Co Ltd was incorporated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. B2BE.COM India Private Ltd, a sales entity, was incorporated in Chennai, India.

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