B2BE partners with EDA and our upcoming webinar

B2BE Partners With EDA And Our Upcoming Webinar | Blog

Partnership with EDA

B2BE are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA). The EDA is the trade association in the UK for electrical wholesalers and distributors. They believe in highlighting the important link between distributors of electrotechnical products, manufacturers, electricians, and electrical contractors. The EDA’s Membership is made up of UK wholesalers. Affiliated Memberships are also available to manufacturers, as well as solution and service providers.

A feature by B2BE’s own Europe and North America Chief Operating Officer, Joe Pettit on the future of the electrical industry and digitisation will give his opinion on the state of the industry in their associated publication, Wholesaler & Electrical Distributor (W&ED). W&ED publishes four times each year. It deals with a variety of news, views, articles, and product information along with new wholesaler ideas, making it an essential read for anybody involved in this exciting sector.

In June, Joe spoke at the EDA Regional Business Forum in Manchester where he discussed these topics. At this presentation, he broke down three big questions: Does my business need to be worrying about this change? What post COVID market trends are going to affect my business? What should my business be doing about it and when should we be doing it?

Our upcoming webinar

If you are interested in finding out more about Digital Transformation in the Electrical Sector join us on the 15th of September as we host the online webinar: How the Electrical Sector can THRIVE with Digital Transformation even during a Global crisis. This webinar will focus on the current digital transformation trends in the Electrical industry, the potential to dramatically improve Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay processes, and how your business can use transformation opportunities. We will explore how we need to address Systems, Processes, Culture, and Supply Chain Partners carefully to maximise digital transformation benefits.

You can sign up for our webinar here: https://app.livestorm.co/b2be/edawebinar.

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