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Solutions for Streamlining your Organizations Supply Chain
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Providing innovative supply chain management solutions globally

B2BE’s extensive range of supply chain management solutions empower businesses by providing full visibility, auditability and control across the supply chain.

The B2BE Document Management solutions create a no touch, automated document management suite to automate all your organization’s documents, no matter which way they need to be sent or received. No matter how your trading partners, suppliers or customers, need to trade with your organization, through B2BE’s solutions, they can be fully automated, 100% electronic.

The B2BE Order to Cash solutions gives your organization a range of tools to fully create an Order to Cash solution or component elements to address individual parts of your O2C requirements. Whether you need to automate sales orders, create an e-invoice solution with accounts payable functionality for your customer invoices or support customer requisitions requirements B2BE has you covered.

B2BE’s suite of Procure to Pay solutions are designed to ensure you pay your suppliers correctly and at the right time while automating many of your supply side interactions. Automate your expense invoices, two way or three way matching processes or incorporate any number of workflows to create a no-touch P2P solution.
When automating your supply chain with Procure to Pay, Order to Cash or a Document Management solution visibility is key to it’s success. B2BE’s suite of visibility tools are available through the Web Portal, a cloud environment which not only provides access to many of B2BE’s supply chain solutions but enables all parties within your supply chain to engage and manage processes more easily.
With B2BE’s supply chain finance solutions, you can optimize cash flow management and foster collaboration within your supply chain. Our Supply Chain Finance offering allows you to streamline and enhance the financing of your supply chain activities, benefiting both buyers and suppliers alike.

Operating as your e-commerce partner

Helping and supporting your organization deliver innovative supply chain solutions that remove the complexity out of your day to day and make supply chains run more smoothly.


Document Management

Whether it's an EDI solution to trade with your suppliers or customers or you want to combine any number of Document Management solutions to fully automate your organization's customer and supplier transactions B2BE has a range of solutions to create your no touch Document Management solution.

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Order to Cash

Whether you're looking for a customer e-invoicing solution that works with an accounts receivable suite, a better way to manage your customer's sales orders or ways your customers can buy your products online B2BE can help you on your P2P journey.

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Procure to Pay

Looking for a way to requisition products and services from suppliers or for a better way to manage expense invoices, goods receipt or you need a three way or two way matching solution? B2BE has a range of solutions to help you create, in part or in full, your P2P requirements.

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B2BE's Web Portal solution will give your organization and trading partners greater visibility of one another's supply chains and processes. Whether it's a customer or supplier web portal, or combined for both, B2BE helps you deliver the collaborative tools your organization, network and trading partners need.

Supply Chain Finance

Whether you're looking to automate and optimise your organisation's customer and supplier transactions or seeking to enhance your cash flow management within the supply chain. Our Supply Chain Finance solutions allow you to unlock additional financing capabilities, foster collaboration and maximise the efficiency of your supply chain operations.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

B2BE’s full suite of e-automation supply chain management solutions are designed for both the buy and sell sides of your supply chain. Whether it’s a full Procure to Pay or Order to Cash solution your organization needs, a Document Management solution or a way to better collaborate with other parties within your supply chain to give greater levels of auditability, visibility and control B2BE can help. Simply approaches to complex supply chain problems.

Customer Solutions

Whether it’s a Procure to Pay, Document Management solution or you’re looking at simply being able to trade with your suppliers electronically (EDI) B2BE’s solutions can automate many of your buy-side functions.

Supplier Solutions

Whether it’s a Order to Cash, Document Managements solution or you’re looking at simply being able to trade with your customers electronically (EDI) B2BE’s solution can automate many of your sell-side functions.


Resources at your

B2BE has a great range of resources at your fingertips which you may want to look at to help you understand what solutions B2BE can offer to solve your problems and simplify your processes.



Visit our resources page and use one of our calculators to see what automation can do for your organization.

product data sheets

Solution Data Sheets

Take a look at our solution data sheets to better understand B2BE’s capabilities and what we can do to simplify your organization.


White Papers

At sea with an overflow of information? B2BE’s white papers help you navigate a clearer path toward your goals.

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With carbon dioxide levels the highest they’ve ever been, organizations are recognizing their impact on the environment and looking for ways to enact sustainable business practices. Through the powers of technology and automation, organizations can begin taking concrete steps towards reducing their carbon footprints.

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