First Steps for EDI Overview

First Steps in
Adopting EDI

First steps toward in how to get going with an EDI solution to reduce manual document management

To understand how to get going with EDI there are a number of steps and questions you need to understand. 

First Steps


Who do you want to trade with via EDI? Suppliers or customer?


What document types do you or your trading partners want to trade? For example, purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notices.


What system do you use? Can you get data in and out of the system?


How do you want to send or receive your data? For example, SFTP, AS2, HTTPs or API?


What formats can your system support?


If you need to receive documents from your trading partners do you need the data validated prior to inserting it into your system? That is, if the data is incorrect when it's loaded it may take longer to fix, overriding the value of EDI

First Steps for EDI Overview

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