First Steps for Goods Receipts

First Steps for
Goods Receipts

First steps toward improving your goods receipt processes to better manage visibility, stock and accounts payable processes

One of the many business issues that are flying under the efficiency radar is the paperwork involved during the goods receipting  process. Goods receipting affects your ability to sell the goods and plays a key part in the accounts payable process.

First Steps


How long, on average, does it take to receipt goods into your system?


Do you often see lost sales due to a slow and inefficient goods receipting process?


Do you have to manually enter paper documents into your ERP system upon receipt of goods?


Do you experience slow supplier invoice processing times due to missing, incorrect and or inaccurate goods receipt details?


Does your organization perform regular stock takes to ensure inventory figures are up to date? And if so, has receipting caused issues with stock levels?


Does your staff spend a considerable amount of time dealing with suppliers due to delivery issues?

First Steps for Goods Receipts

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