First Steps for Expense Invoices

First Steps for
Expense Invoices

First steps toward improving expense invoice approval, coding and visibility while giving greater levels of control and auditability

Standard invoices include a purchase order number which makes processing them easier. However, many organisations often receive invoices without a purchase order associated with them for indirect purchases and these often require GL coding and approval.

First Steps


How many manual expense invoices does your organisation receive?


How long, on average, does it take to process a manual expense invoices?


Do you have to deal with duplicate payments of expense invoices?


Do you spend a considerable amount of time chasing for approval of manual expense invoices?


Does your staff spend time and effort searching for missing or lost invoices?


Do you miss out on early payment discounts because someone is out of the office and didn’t approve an expense invoice on time?


Do you already process electronic (EDI) expense invoices from suppliers and what issues do these create, if any?


Is your general ledger complex, creating issues with staff coding invoices incorrect?

First Steps for Expense Invoices

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