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Everything to Know About e-Catalogues

E-Catalogues 101: Everything You Need To Know | B2BE Blog

An e-Catalogue is an electronic catalogue that provides information on products and services sold by a vendor.  It supports vendors with online ordering and payment capabilities. An electronic catalogue is an online publication, generally an HTML page, where a company’s products and services are displayed.

An e-Catalogue or e-brochure is a resource that provides information on your products and services offered, or your company’s corporate profile. This can then be digitally shared and distributed simply in the form of a readable and downloadable e-book or catalogue on your website. They are a digital representation of a company and a powerful e-commerce tool.

What are the benefits of using an e-Catalogue?

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More accurate orders
  • Greater consistency
  • Accuracy in purchasing processes
  • Reduced internal administrative costs
  • Punch-Out
  • Reduced costs for associated data processing operations
  • Customisable and configurable
  • Integrated
  • No hardware or software requirements

What are the key features of e-Catalogues?

The B2BE e-Catalogue solution provides organisations and their respective users the ability to search and display product data, provide online ordering capabilities, facilitate catalogue data exchange between trading partners, and provide punch-out functionality for companies who have customers with this requirement.

E-Catalogues have a number of key features, including:

Secure customisable access control

The B2BE e-Catalogue has customisable access so you’re able to provide content based on the type of user visiting the catalogue and presents pricing and content for public users, or specific content and pricing for account users via a login.

Fully customisable design

B2BE offers a customisable design that allows the e-Catalogue to emulate the same look and feel of your website to provide a seamless user experience for your clients.

Easy content management and maintenance

Secure accounts ensure easy content management of product information such as images, pricing and technical specifications.  As a result, you have full control over updates ensuring content remains relevant and accurate.

Attribute management

The B2BE e-Catalogue solution enables you to design the way you wish to set up and manage products based on key attributes. That is, you can build a logical and uniform way in which products can be categorised regardless of the actual data managed in the background and extracted from your ERP environment. Consequently, this means users can search for your products logically.

Online payment system

The e-Catalogue solution also provides an online payment facility to both your customer accounts and the public using a secure payment gateway. The B2BE e-Catalogue can also be linked to your own bank’s payment gateway to provide seamless transactions using your current banking systems.

Punch Out capability

As your customers become more technically capable they may no longer wish to maintain your products within their system. The B2BE e-Catalogue supports punch-out functionality, (both OBI or OCI standards) allowing your clients to punch-out from their system, browse your catalogue and select products through the online ordering system. The B2BE e-Catalogue will also support the automation of reverse purchase orders.

Why should businesses use e-Catalogues?

The B2BE e-Catalogue solution provides organisations and their respective users with a number of uses, including:

  • The ability to search and display product data,
  • Online ordering capabilities,
  • Can facilitate data exchange between trading partners,
  • Punch-out functionality for companies who need to support this requirement

Electronic catalogues are digital publications that present products with the purpose of helping them sell.

Learn more about our B2B e-Catalogue solution by watching the video below:

Using catalogue management to ensure product data quality and configurability to the buyer’s required format is crucial.  This is a dynamic process that can enable suppliers to quickly broadcast product and price changes and introduce new items. E-Catalogue management is the process where a supplier makes product content available to buyers so goods can be procured electronically. Either the supplier or the buyer can host the product content.

More information

Do you need to provide catalogue content to clients through punch-out? You can learn more about e-Catalogues by exploring our B2B e-Catalogue and Punch Out Solutions pages.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team today via the contact form on the B2BE website or through LinkedIn 

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