Fonterra Case Study
Fonterra Case Study
Fonterra Brands electronic product catalogue, turned the valve on for eCommerce with partners globally
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GS1net Data Management

In Australia and New Zealand, B2BE partner with Innovit who specialise in workflow solutions for Master Data Management (MDM) Product Information Management (PIM) and Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) via National Product Catalogue (NPC). 

NPC is part of a global network of GDSN data pools that allows you to synchronise your product master data with your trading partner using global standards. NPC streamlines the process of aligning product catalogues used for Global Data Synchronisation (GDSN) with your trading partners. Innovit has a range of certified for NPC applications that enable you to validate, maintain and distribute that data easily and accurately.


GS1net Data Management

NPC Applications

iICE Validator™ for NPC provide the following:

  • Certified for NPC by GS1
  • Supports all active industries on NPC (Food, Liquor, Hardware, Healthcare, Stationery, Office Products)
  • Access to global markets via the GDSN network of data pools (1 WorldSync and TrueSource)
  • Centralised, validated product master data using global NPC standards

iICE Validator for NPC is a low cost, simple to operate desktop application that can be downloaded and installed from the Internet. iICE Validator allows you to meet your customer compliance with NPC quickly and easily. Depending on your catalogue size, iICE Validator is available in both Small Catalogue Edition (SCE) & Premium Edition (PE).

Managed services for NPC

Need help with your products catalogue? B2BE Managed Services allows you to outsource the creation of your product catalogue, and also the ongoing management of the data. Our fully qualified team remove the complexities of NPC and make the entire process fast, simple and low cost.

iICE Lite with the Adapter for NPC:

  • Approval Workflow & Staging with configurable data validation
  • Maintainable user profiles, roles, and system security
  • Data transformation & conversions
  • Manage all forms of master data
  • Structured database for flexible and tighter integration (SQLS/Oracle etc.)

iICE Lite is a powerful master data management solution from Innovit that has been totally preconfigured for NPC. iICE Lite has been designed for companies that have complex needs for managing product master data, but have limited IT resources to maintain and configure an enterprise level iICE MDM solution internally.

Key Benefits

  • Easily aggregate product master data to create a NPC catalogue.
  • Produce a compliance report against the industry set of NPC validation rules.
  • Ensure the sustainability of your NPC catalogue.
  • Range of integration options to suit your needs.

Free Trial

By clicking this button you can get a free trial version of the ilCE Validator software.

NPC Data Management
To request more information on NPC middleware in New Zealand and Australia click here.