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Garant Möbel Malaysia Case Study
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With higher compounded average growth rate forecasted in the next five years for e-commerce sales as compared to in-store sales, businesses can enhance their competitive edge in hard economic times by expanding their market reach across traditional offline retail environment.

The B2BE e-Cat is a hosted, product catalogue management solution that helps businesses increase profitability through the benefits of e-commerce by providing online access to their entire product range across the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The B2BE e-Cat can be implemented with B2BE Transaction Delivery Network (TDN) or as a standalone product to complement existing Internet offerings and B2C/B2C initiatives while also supporting punch-out requirements.


e-Cat How it Works

Key Features

  • Secure, Customisable Access Control
    Customise and manage access to your product offerings for each customer using a secure login so they can have a unique experience ensuring product and price offers unique to them remain so.
  • Fully customisable design
    B2BE e-Cat solution offers a fully customizable design that allows your hosted online catalogue to have the same look and feel as your website to provide a seamless user experience for your customers.
  • Easy content management and maintenance
    Product information such as images, pricing and technical specifications can be instantly updated anytime, anywhere using a secure login name and password.

    The B2BE Transaction Delivery Network enables updates to be automated and uploaded into the catalogue automatically in your pre-defined format.

  • Eliminate complex and time-consuming data synchronisation
    With B2BE Transaction Delivery Network, the e-Cat solution enables catalogue data exchange between trading partners and provide OBI and OCI punch-out capabilities for companies with this requirement or capability.
  • Receive instant online payment
    The e-Cat solution also provides online payment facility to both your customer accounts and the general public using a secure credit card system. It also provides you the flexibility to define how sales order can be sent to your organisation, either by fax, email or online viewing for further processing by your Customer Service team. With the B2BE Transaction Delivery Network, these orders can be fully integrated into your back-end system for processing.
  • OBI and OCI Capability
    Your customers can browse your hosted catalogue through an online ordering system using an Open Buying Interface (OBI) or an Open Buying Catalogue Interface (OCI). Upon checkout, information on purchased items is integrated to their back-end system to automatically generate a Purchase Order. The Purchase Order can be delivered to you either electronically or manually based on your business requirements or trading partner’s capabilities.
  • Catalogue Exchange
    B2BE’s e-Cat solution enables your catalogue data to be presented in a pre-defined format defined by your trading partners to enable automated synchronisation.

Key Benefits

  • Removes the need to purchase and manage complicated software and infrastructure to provide catalogue solutions, therefore reducing costs
  • Full integration suite with your business system to remove any manual handling of catalogue data or sales orders
  • Customisable to emulate your current web offerings
  • Fully compatible with other B2BE products and solutions

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