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Two-Way Matching Solutions

When you still need accounts payable control without a goods receipt process

When you’re looking for an accounts payable solution where your organization doesn’t book-in goods due to the nature of your business or based on what you buy or how you buy, B2BE has you covered. B2BE’s Two-Way Matching solution means you have all the benefits of three-way matching, excluding goods receipt.

You can still manage supplier payments and processes based on B2BE’s Accounts Payable AI-based matching engine and two way matching can work in parallel with three-way matching if your organisation needs to run the two accounts payable approaches for different purchasing and receipting approaches giving you flexibility while ensuring control.

Key features of B2BE's Two-Way Matching solution

Controlling invoice payments without goods receipt

Some organizations do not books goods in where there’s nothing to book -in such as services or where receipting isn’t viable as product are shipped with mixed quantities. In these scenarios the two-way matching process still allows you to control invoice matching at line level using the requisition or purchase order to keep control.

Two-way cost reductions

Two-way matching is often viewed by some organizations as a way to reduce administrative costs as resources don’t need to manage booking in goods or the associated overheads of three-way matching and waiting for goods receipts. Of course, some industries lend themselves to this better than others. Should your organization choose this approach B2BE’s Two-Way matching ensures you still only pay based on what the requisition states with all the associated controls.

Multi modal matching

The two-way matching solution can also be run in conjunction with a three-way matching solution. This means if you need to process invoices differently based on the requisition process then you can run both approaches together easily.

Debit or credit two way matching

The two-way matching solution can also support a on-hit debit approach or a credit request approach with, or without, short pay mode so your organization still gets plenty of choice in how you implement a two-way matching solution.

Goods receipt workflow

Of course there may always be a need for two way matching. However, if you use B2BE’s goods receipt workflow you will be able to use three-way matching and ensure you pay for what you receive based on the actual receipts using the B2BE goods receipt workflow.

e-Invoice document management

Automating all your supplier’s invoices, regardless how they send them, means a single stream into your two-way matching solution so the same rules and processes apply and your teams don’t need to do different things based on how you received the invoice.

B2BE Two-Way Matching workflow

Two-Way Matching Solutions | Procure to Pay | B2BE

B2BE’s Two-Way Matching solution means you have all the benefits of three-way matching, excluding goods receipt.

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