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Visibility Solutions

Visibly collaborate with your trading partners and organisation

When automating your supply chain with Purchase to Pay (P2P), Order to Cash (O2C) or a Document Management solution visibility is key to it’s success. With automation comes process change and the advantage of that means you can provide to your trading partners and organization greater levels of visibility to collaboratively work together.

When an organization’s functions are able to view automated processes more easily they will take ownership of the process more effectively and it also helps reduce support levels within your supply chain.

B2BE’s suite of visibility tools are available through the Web Portal solution, a cloud environment which not only provides access to many of B2BE’s supply chain solutions but enables all parties to the process to engage and view processes more easily. Either on the supply or sell side of your supply chain, it’s that flexible.

Visibility solutions

Customer Web Portal

Learn how to engage with your customers and use a range of solutions to better manage this? The B2BE Customer Web Portal will get you there.

Contract Management

Data Manager

Resource Centre

Visibility helping to solve

Sharing of information

Information when not shared between trading partners makes for greater levels of difficulty when making key decisions or in fact changing processes.
Information is the key to allow collaborative decision-making where decisions aren’t then made in a vacuum.

Timely information

In today’s age of ever-faster moving supply chains information is king.
Having access to information easily and quickly becomes a key success factor and ensures users at all levels are able to keep on top of what is happening in their business and others, for example suppliers.

Ownership of processes

When changing processes within an organization, particularly when automating, the ownership of the solution needs to remain with the organisation’s functions, after all, they’re the experts. The tools need to therefore ensure that the ownership can be maintained and in doing so ensure a new process doesn’t simply add burden in another function or team.

Solutions ease of use

New solutions need to be easy to use, intuitive and add enhanced functionality to warrant the investment. Once the investment is made realizing ease of use is very important to an organization’s users and their trading partners to ensure viability in the long term.

Additional value add

Of course, any automation needs to add value, not just ROI. Many solutions provide ROI but aren’t always easy to quantify if they add value. Buy-in by the organization’s users for new processes is critical to ensure stepped change is a success and delivers. Visibility and ownership becomes key in adding value.

Key features of B2BE's Visibility solutions

Secure access and data controls

When you need to control who can access which applications and what data they see the Web Portal can easily be configured to manage access, two factor authentication, SSO managing which applications the user can access and which documents and data they can see. So you could add a supplier who only has access to their documents or an accounts payable function who can access all documents and the Accounts Payable solutions.

Supplier and customer environment

B2BE has Visibility solutions for both sides of your supply chain. Whether you want to create greater visibility for suppliers or customers or use specific applications to manage each side of your supply chain, the same Web Portal can be deployed for the two with distinctly unique access levels and tools.

Cloud hosted

The Web Portal is hosted in the cloud meaning there’s no hardware or network requirements, other than access to the internet. Therefore, the Web Portal is accessible from anywhere and by anyone in your organization, or by third parties whom you wish to give access, and there is an advantage to collaborate with.

Single tenant, multiple organizations

The cloud hosted environment is fully partitioned meaning your Web Portal instance only holds your data and is not shared by other customers of B2BE. However, if you have different organization or business units or operate across multiple countries you can easily setup multiple organizations in the environment that can be kept separate or shared by each.

Configurable branding

The Web Portal, whether it’s customer or supplier focused, or both, can be branded to reflect your organization’s online look and feel so users feel the solution is part of your organisation. Similarly the access can also be linked to your website, intranet or simply operate as a stand-alone solution.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Visibility solutions


Bring your supply chain together

All the solutions, tools and documents are accessible in one place meaning your organisation, your trading partners and third parties spend less time chasing one another around to share information and gain visibility. Therefore, ensuring you can better manage your supply chain, find documents, share information and in general get greater insight into one another’s organizational processes.


Easy to use and intuitive

Once the Web Portal has been configured, either for your supply or customer side supply chains, the interfaces are easy to use and highly intuitive. Whether it’s a P2P or O2C solution, or any number of B2BE’s Document Management solutions and workflows.


Community development

Within the supply chain working with trading partners, suppliers or customers, in a community driven way means you will get more from the relationships. Which means you will improve efficiencies and minimize costs. The Web Portal solution is key in helping to share and create this community.


Efficiency gains

Typically your internal systems cannot be accessed externally whereas the Web Portal is external already so the documents you send or the applications you use to manage Document Distribution solutions, P2P and O2C means it’s easier to give access to third parties which also means they can respond faster and more efficiently.

Visibility success stories

Rexel | Case Studies | Supply Chain Management Solutions | B2BE

Rexel use a number B2BE’s Procure to Pay and Order to Cash solutions including the Web Portal which means greater visibility at their and their trading partner’s fingertips.

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