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Q: Is there a way to check on the status of a document that we sent or that was sent to us outside the current internal systems we use?
Yes. You can log in to the B2BE Customer Center portal and go to ‘Search’. You can either enter the details that you have or search for documents using a date range.
Q: I don’t have login credentials to the B2BE Customer Center portal. How can I get one?
If you think there is already someone in the company who has access to Customer Center, you can ask the person to create you the credentials. Otherwise, you can log a request to B2BE Support and they will create one for you.
Q: Is there a way to resend a document using the B2BE Customer Center?
Depending on the type of access you have been given, you may be able to resend documents using the portal. You can log in, go to Search tab, enter the document details (ie document ID) and click on search. Tick on the checkbox beside the document then click on ‘Resend’ on the upper part of the result page.
Q: Where can I download the B2BE Customer Center or B2BE Client user manual?
The manual is downloadable via the Resource Center tab in Customer Center. You can go to ‘Downloads’ and select the manual that you need.
Q: Who in B2BE should I contact if I have any billing concerns?
You can send an email to accounts@b2be.com.
Q: Who is B2BE should I contact if I want to trade documents with another company?
You can contact your B2BE Account Manager who will be able to assist you with this need.
Q: How do I know who my B2BE Account Manager is?
Login to Customer Center, your assigned B2BE Account Manager contact details show on the left side of the screen after you log in.
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